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Walk the Line

Walk the Line quotes

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View Quote Elvis Presley: Nice job out there, Cash.
Jerry Lee Lewis: That's right, kiss his ass!
Johnny Cash: Hey, Jerry Lee, does your momma know you're out?
Jerry Lee Lewis: [laughing] She know, Johnny, she knows.
View Quote Elvis Presley: You sound real good tonight, Cash. Real tight.
Johnny Cash: Thank you.
Elvis Presley: Want some chilli fries?
Johnny Cash: No, that's alright.
View Quote Jerry Lee Lewis: We're all going to hell for the songs we sing. People listen to them, they're going to hell too. God gave us a great big apple, see, and He said don't touch it. He didn't say touch it once in a while; He didn't say take a nibble when you're hungry; He said don't touch it! Don't think about touchin' it, don't sing about touchin' it, don't think about singin' about touchin' it!
June Carter: And what about me Jerry Lee; am I going to hell too?
Jerry Lee Lewis: No, June, you're beautiful.
June Carter: Sleepy is what I am.
Jerry Lee Lewis: [to Johnny] She's making me fall in love with her.
View Quote Johnny Cash: Aw, June, love's more important than the tour.
June Carter: Is that right?
Johnny Cash: Yes, it is.
June Carter: Well, then start loving yourself, so we can go back to work.
View Quote Johnny Cash: I think it's about time, June.
June Carter: Time for what?
Johnny Cash: For you and me... to get married.
June Carter: Go to sleep, John.
View Quote Johnny Cash: I want to marry you and I'm telling you it's the time.
June Carter: Well I'm telling you with a hundred certainty that it is not the time. It's not about time, it's not the right time, it's not even quarter to the right time.
View Quote Johnny Cash: I'm really glad y'all could be here today, expecially you, daddy, glad you came. Not everybody's here. Jack's not here is he, huh? Where have you been? That's what you said to me, remember? I was twelve years old and he got Jack's bloody clothes, and he says to me "Where have you been?"
Ray Cash: Well, where were you?
Johnny Cash: Where were you?
Ray Cash: I quit drinkin' a long time ago, J.R. What about you, still takin' them pills? They'll kill you, you know?
Johnny Cash: Yeah, well so will a car wreck.
Ray Cash: You're sittin' on a high horse, boy. I never had talent, I did the best I could with what I had. Can you say that? Mister big shot, mister pill poppin' rock star. Who are you to judge, you ain't got nothin', big empty house, nothin', children you don't see, nothin', big ol' expensive tractor stuck in the mud, nothin'.
View Quote Johnny Cash: It's all right, it just happened.
June Carter: Just happened?
Johnny Cash: Yeah.
June Carter: You wear black 'cause you can't find anything else to wear? You found your sound 'cause you can't play no better? You tried to kiss me because "it just happened"? You should try to take credit for something every once in a while, John.
View Quote Johnny Cash: Jerry Lee, just sit your ass down. Just sit down. [spots a motel] Looks like we're here.
June Carter: Oh, thank goodness. Get me outta this car with all these boys.
View Quote Johnny Cash: June, these are my daughters Rosanne, Tara, and Kathy.
June Carter: Hi. Those are really pretty good ribbons on your dresses.
Vivian Cash: June?
June Cater: Yeah?
Vivian Cash: Steer clear of my children.
Johnny Cash: Viv...
June Carter: I was just saying hello.
Vivian Cash: You heard me.
View Quote Johnny Cash: Marry me, June.
June Carter: Oh please, get up off your knees, you look pathetic.
View Quote Johnny Cash: Oh no! We surrender!
June Carter: What was I thinkin'? I must be crazy! Y'all can't walk no line! Y'all gonna blow this tour!
Luther Perkins: We ain't gonna blow the tour, June!
June Carter: I am not gonna be that little dutch boy with my finger in the dam no more!
Johnny Cash: You're lyin' to yourself, June! If you think it's about a tour! This isn't about a tour! This isn't about a song!
View Quote Johnny Cash: See, June, they want to see us together.
June Carter: All right, well, quit that clutchin' on me now and I'll sing with you, but you gotta quit that clutchin' on me.
View Quote Johnny Cash: So, where's your truck driver?
June Carter: Stock car driver. And you'll be happy to know things aren't working out between the two of us.
Johnny Cash: It doesn't make me happy! Well... maybe a little it does.
View Quote Johnny Cash: Tell me you don't love me.
June Carter: I don't love you.
Johnny Cash: [grinning] You're as liar.
June Carter: I guess you ain't got no problems then.