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Multiple Characters quotes

View Quote Roger Lapher: Freak accident on a storm drain job. They hit a steam pocket and got scalded. No fires, no explosions, no continuing threat. We'll copy you on a report.
View Quote Roger: You're not happy unless you’re declaring an emergency, are you!
View Quote Anita: Yeah, well, I'm doing him a favor, a big favor. I'm gonna miss my class. [phone rings and Anita picks it up] Hello? Mike! Oh, fine; a perfect little ray of sunshine like I was after my parents separated. Every couple of minutes her head comes off her shoulders, rotates 360 degrees, and then she starts watching TV again.
View Quote Chief Sindelar: Gonna be delayed. My damn car's stuck behind the damn gate cos we have no damn power!
View Quote Bud McVie: Hey, man, you know what they say. No pain, no gain.
View Quote Mike: I can't leave you here after an earthquake. Kelly Roark: Why not? I'm 13 years old. I know what to do. Mike: OK. What do you do? Kelly: Get in the door frame, stick your head between your knees, and kiss your ass goodbye.
View Quote Bud McVie: Oh-oh, we're cool now. It's LAPD. Scared Man: Hey, officer! How about giving us a ride back to civilization please? Bud McVie: What's up? You gonna come out or what? It's our 'hood! Terry Jasper: Hey, you wanna calm down and tell me what this is all about? Bud McVie: You wanna get outta my face? Terry Jasper: Hey, if I'm in your face, you’re gonna know it, all right; bro? Bud McVie: Huh, right!
View Quote Rachel: I can't. I can't. Kevin: It's only couple of sentences, maybe a question or two. Rachel: Then you do it! Kevin: When the ground moves, people wanna hear from a seismologist, not a pencil pusher. Rachel: If I go up there, I am gonna throw up. Kevin: I don’t think that’s gonna send the sense of calm we're looking for. Amy: Hey, you guys didn't feel anything this morning, did you? Kevin: You're off the hook, Flash. Amy: Oh, you weren't gonna make her talk to those nasty reporters, were you? Rachel: I got some stuff I wanna show you later. Amy: Okay.
View Quote Mike: If a dam breaks somewhere, the Mayor calls, I don't want you telling her Roark went fishing. Emmit: Look, see, the mayor's in Aspen, okay? We don't pull her off of the slopes for only a 4.9. Besides, I'd cover for you. Mike: I'm sure you would. You look very comfortable sitting behind my desk talking on my telephone. Emmit: Yeah, it's kinda like I belong there or something.
View Quote Traffic Cop: I don't care what your supervisor said! Nobody ran a work order past me, and this vehicle is on public property! DWP Worker 1: What are you gonna do, ticket us? DWP Worker 2: You're the cute one. Traffic Cop: How 'bout I plow your ass, honey?
View Quote Roger: You're not happy unless you’re declaring an emergency, are you! Mike: No, actually I enjoy motor sports, music and the company of close friends…sir. Stan Olber: 30,000 people think they're taking the train home tonight. What am I supposed to do for them? Mike: Put on extra buses. Stan: It's his mess. Let him take the shit for it.
View Quote Chief Sindelar: Tell him he's not in Kansas anymore. Emmit: You're not in Kansas anymore Mike. Mike: St. Louis, I'm not in St. Louis. Emmit: [into phone] St. Louis, he's not in St. Louis. Sindelar: I don't give a shit where's he's not! He has a desk now; that's where... Emmit: [to Mike] You have a desk; that's where you work.
View Quote Amy: Sometimes magma can find one of those fissures and rise up through it. Mike: What's magma? Rachel: Lava. Mike: Lava? Right here in L.A? Amy: It is one of the possibilities. Mike: We have a history of that here in the downtown area? Rachel: Parícutin...1943 a Mexican farmer sees smoke coming out of the middle of his cornfield. A week later there's a volcano a thousand feet high. There's no history of anything until it happens. Then there is.
View Quote [Guards are moving paintings from the L.A. County Art Museum] 1st Guard: Man, this Hieronymus Bosch is heavy! 2nd Guard: That's because he deals with man's inclination towards sin, in defiance of God's will. 1st Guard: I didn't mean it like that. 2nd Guard: Oh.
View Quote [Mike ordered 200 K-rails (freeway dividers) to redirect the lava.] Mike: Where's the rest of 'em? Truck driver: What "rest of 'em?" This is it! Lt. Fox: Hey, there only about eighty here! Truck driver: Eighty-two; everything else is stuck on the 5 and the 10. Lt. Fox: We're trying to keep the city in one piece, pinhead. Eighty rails ain't gonna do it! Truck driver: So what are you blaming me for? Lt. Fox: Convenience, ok?
View Quote Roger: Didn't you hear me? I said the lights are out in San Francisco. L.A. Fire Chief: But this street's on fire. Nobody gives a shit about San Francisco!
View Quote Woman: Emmit, FAA’s on the line. They want an update. Emmit: Where are we with the airports? Marty: We shut down all outgoing. Everything incoming is being re-routed to Ontario. Emmit: No, no, no, no. Marty, no…Look at that screen! That cloud is blowing due east. We gotta send everything to San Diego. Man: Emmit, they got two gas lines burning on Fairfax. They can't get any hydrant pressure. Emmit: Swimming pools. Man: What about them? Emmit: Pump out all the swimming pools. That's all the water we need. Man: Emmit, we just got a call from La Brea. There's total gridlock from Pico to Sunset. Emmit: Didn't we send over all those damn traffic cops? Man: That's who's calling; they're stuck at Olympic. Cars keep stalling out because of all the ash. It's clogging up the air filters. Emmit: Chevettes, right?
View Quote Amy: [calling Roark on his phone] How fast can you get to the corner of Wilshire and Western, we got a problem. Mike: No, no. Not anymore. We have it stopped. Amy: The volume of ash coming down is way too high to think that we're out of danger. Mike: So, why did it just stop? Amy: Well, maybe it didn't, maybe it just went someplace else. Mike: So, how do you know it didn't stop? Amy: You know, I don't. But when Mount Saint Helens blew, the force was twenty seven thousand times greater then that of the Hiroshima bomb. Do you think that vent released anywhere near that much energy yet? Mike: No. Amy: Well, lets just assume that we haven't seen the real bulk of the magma yet, okay? Trust me, get down here. [hangs up the phone] Shit.
View Quote Kelly: Rock beats scissor and scissor beats paper. Tommy: I'm not paper; I'm lava. What beats that? Kelly: This is rock paper scissors you little bitch! So now, I'm gonna beat YOU.
View Quote [last lines] Text on screen: C.I.G.S. Volcano Databank Text on screen: Name: Mount Wilshire Text on screen: Location: Los Angeles, California Text on screen: Status: ACTIVE
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