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View Quote [Sylvia and Nick are kissing] Nick: You know, I'm curious. When did you decide you liked me?
Sylvia: Oh... I guess when you tried to save my life. I... I appreciated that. I thought back then, He's really nice. I thought, If there was ever anything I could do for him, I will.
Nick: What do you mean?
Sylvia: What do you mean?
Nick: Do for me? What, like now?
Sylvia: What's happening here? A minute ago you were ready to disappear down my throat.
Nick: I don't know. This is, uh, starting to sound a little like... charity.
Sylvia: I must have said the wrong words. I admit, I'm not that smart. I'm not a museum person.
Nick: Well, you know, the way it's coming out, you're looking for a little action, there's nobody here but me and Harry, and I won. But not by much.
Sylvia: Okay... [adopts a sarcastic tone] I want you bad, alright? I dream about you and me and a house in Long Island. I'm only half a woman 'til I make love to you. [reverts to normal voice] Are you happy now?
Nick: Must we spoil what's been a depraved and embarrassing evening? [Sylvia gasps] No, no, no. Please, not another word. This is just the way I want to forget you.
Sylvia: Screw you!
Nick: No, thanks!
Sylvia: Boy, Nick, you really know how to show a girl a good time.
Harry: [enters the tent, hair set with pins and in a hairnet] Hey, I forgot to ask you. Can I sleep on this?
Sylvia: Who gives a shit? [leaves the tent]
Harry: What's the matter with her?
Nick: I wouldn't sleep with her!
Harry: Really? [grins] Sylvia!
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