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Madeleine: It's lucky for me you were wandering about. Thank you. I've been a terrible bother to you.
Scottie: No you haven't.
Madeleine: ...You shouldn't have brought me here, you know.
Scottie: Well, I didn't know where you lived.
Madeleine: You could have looked in my car. Oh, but then you didn't know my car, did you?
Scottie: No, I knew which one it was. It's right outside here now, but I didn't think you wanted to be taken home that way.
Madeleine: No, you're right. I'm glad you didn't take me home. I wouldn't have known you. Thank you. But I don't know you and you don't know me. My name is Madeleine Elster.
Scottie: My name's John Ferguson.
Madeleine: A good strong name. Do your friends call you John or Jack?
Scottie: Oh, John mostly. Old friends call me John. Acquaintances call me Scottie.
Madeleine: I shall call you Mr. Ferguson.
Scottie: Oh, gee whiz, I wouldn't like that. Oh, no, and after what happened this afternoon, I should think maybe you'd call me Scottie, maybe even John.
Madeleine: Then I prefer John...And what do you do, John?
Scottie: Oh, just wander about.
Madeleine: That's a good occupation. And you live here alone? One shouldn't live alone.
Scottie: Some people prefer it, you know.
Madeleine: No, it's wrong. I'm married, you know.
Scottie: Will you tell me something? Has this ever happened to you before?
Madeleine: What?
Scottie: Falling into San Francisco Bay.
Madeleine: Oh, no. No it's never happened before...

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