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Vertical Limit

Vertical Limit quotes

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Elliot Vaughn
Montgomery Wick

View Quote Colonel Amir Salim: National Geographic is always welcome. They're the only Westerners who ever come to Pakistan without wanting to conquer something.
View Quote Kareem Nazir: All men die, my friend. But Allah says its what we do before we die, that counts.
View Quote Major Rasul: You must try the tea, its very good. Indian of course. We may be at war with them, but there's no point in overreacting. Their tea's the best.
View Quote Annie: That was a hell of a thing you did up there. Anybody else would have given up.
Peter: Not everybody.
Annie: [referring to their father] He'd be proud of you. Angry, but really proud.
View Quote Elliot: We can't waste resources on a lost cause.
Annie: Saving somebody's life is not a lost cause.
Elliot: It is if you know they can't be saved. Why should three people die, if two can live?
View Quote Peter: So when are you leaving?
Annie: Early tomorrow morning. We want to be summiting by 2 O'Clock Wednesday.
Peter: And what does the mountain say about that? I mean I always thought you laid siege to it, kinda made a run at it when you could. I didn't know you could schedule it.
View Quote Wick: Who's the leader, Mr. Vaughn? Who makes decisions on the mountain that mean other people live or die? Who plays God, so to speak?
Elliot: There can only be one leader. It's always the best climber. In this case I've made it clear to everyone Tom McLaren is that man.
View Quote [to Peter] You did the right thing in cutting the rope. Any good climber woud've. If Royce had had the knife, hed've done it himself.
View Quote Intelligence doesn't threaten me. Stupidity does.