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Valley Girl

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Julie Richman

View Quote Fred Bailey: So, you wanna dance?
Girl: In another life!
Fred Bailey: Yeah, I didn't either. I was just taking a poll.
View Quote Julie Richman: [arguing about staying out all night] Why can't you just punish me like Stacey's parents?
Sarah Richman: Bad karma, dear!
View Quote Julie Richman: Do you think she really does all the stuff she says?
Stacey: You know, I think she does. I mean, who could make up 'That stuff tastes like Clorox.'?
View Quote Julie Richman: I'll start my diet tomorrow.
Stacey: You better watch out, because Randy might like the Hollywood lean look.
Suzi Brent: Yeah, but blimps don't get to go out with Tommy.
Julie Richman: Who?
Stacey: Tommy.
Julie Richman: Who?
Loryn, Stacey, and Suzi: [in unison] TOMMY!
Julie Richman: **** him!
View Quote Julie Richman: Yeah, but Tommy can be such a dork, ya know? Like he's got the bod, but his brains are bad news.
Suzi Brent: But he is bitchin'. You really are so lucky, Julie.
Julie Richman: I know, but we've been going together so long now. Like I'm beginning to think I'm a piece of furniture or something, like an old chair!
Loryn: Oh, bad news!
Julie Richman: [glancing at Brad] I definitely need something new.
View Quote Randy: [shouting over the noise just as the music ends] So, when can I see you again?
Julie Richman: [embarassed] Gee, Randy... why don't you wait until the end of the evening to say these things?
Randy: It's how I feel. It's what I want.
Julie Richman: I'm here with you now.
View Quote Randy: Hello.
Julie Richman: Hello.
Randy: Having a good time?
Julie: I'm trying.
Randy: That's good.
Julie: What are you doing here?
Randy: Well, it's a party.
Julie: Yeah, I know it's a party, but who invited you?
Randy: Oh, you have to be invited. That explains it.
Julie: What?
Randy: Why everyone is dressed so weird. You see, if I had been invited, I would have known it was a costume party.
Julie: Right.
Randy: I saw you once before, you know.
Julie: Where?
Randy: At the beach.
Julie: That was you?
View Quote Randy: Where do you work?
Julie Richman: At my parents' store.
Randy: What do they sell?
Julie Richman: Health foods.
Randy: That's cool.
Julie Richman: Like, it's not cool at all! Like, it's all this stuff that tastes like nothing and it's supposed to be so good for you. Why couldn't they, like, open a Pizza Hut or something?
View Quote [to Julie after she dumps him] Well **** you, for sure, like totally!
View Quote Man, he's like tripendicular, ya know?
View Quote No one is gonna tell me who I can score with! Now I want this chick, she wants me, so **** it, we're goin' back.