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[two guards watch Creedy via CCTV, when the lights go out, V captures him and starts Ludwig van Beethoven's Symphony No.5 playing]
Guard #1: What's he doing in the dark there?
Guard #2: Creepy Creedy. Not sure I want to know.
V: Sutler can no longer trust you, can he, Mr Creedy? And we both know why. After I destroy Parliament, his only chance will be to offer them someone else, some other piece of meat. And who will that be? You, Mr Creedy. A man as smart as you has probably considered this. A man as smart as you probably has a plan. That plan is the reason Sutler no longer trusts you. It's the reason you're being watched right now, why there are eyes and ears in every room of this house and a tap on every phone.
Creedy: Bollocks.
V: Oh, a man as smart as you, I think, knows otherwise.
Creedy: What do you want?
V: Sutler. Come now, Mr Creedy, you knew this was coming. You knew that one day, it'd be you or him. That's why Sutler's been kept underground for "security purposes". That's why there are several of your men close to Sutler. Men that can be counted on. All you have to do is say the word.
Creedy: What do I get out of this deal?
V: Me. [lifts a chalk up to Creedy] If you accept, put an X on your front door.
Creedy: [lifts his hand to take the chalk] Why should I trust you?
V: Because it's the only way you're going to stop me.
[Creedy takes the chalk]

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