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[Gordon pops a champagne bottle]
Evey: What is this all about?
Gordon: I'm celebrating.
Evey: Celebrating what?
Gordon: I think this could be the best show we've ever done.
Gordon: [on the television] Very good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Listen. We've got an extraordinary show for you tonight. You're not going to believe it. As a matter of fact, I don't think I do. Would you please give a warm welcome to our own Chancellor Adam Sutler!
["God Save the Queen" plays on the background as an impersonator of Adam Sutler enters]
Mother: No way!
Girl with Spectacles: It can't be!
Gordon: We threw out the censor-approved script, and shot a new one I wrote this morning.
Evey: Oh, my god.
[Cuts to the audience applaud on being threatened by the fake Sutler's soldiers. Evey chokes on her champagne]
Gordon: Chancellor, Chancellor, Chancellor. I understand you've been under tremendous strain lately since the beginning of this whole terrorism business, and we thought it would be a nice idea to try and help you relax. Girls?
[Deitrich's girls arrive with a humidor, from where the fake Sutler takes a cigar. Another girl offers him a glass of milk]
Fake Sutler: Ah! Warm milk. There's nothing better.
Gordon: I understand you enjoy a glass every night, Chancellor.
Fake Sutler: Since I was a boy. [The real Sutler is shown sitting in his bunker while watching, holding a glass of milk] But you're wrong, Mr Deitrich. The terrorist was never a serious concern.
Gordon: (in background) Oh, really?
[A prankster dressed as V ties the fake Sutler's shoelaces together, whilst replacing his cigar with an exploding one]
Girl with Spectacles: It's him!
Gordon: Chancellor, Chancellor, are you saying that he's not still alive and active?
Fake Sutler: The terrorist has been neutralised.
[The cigar explodes as the fake Sutler huffs from it.]
Gordon: Oh, my God, Chancellor, look! The terrorist!
Fake Sutler: The terrorist! [The camera pans to the fake V among the musicians, scraping a washboard] Get him! [Sutler walks toward the fake V, but having been shoe-laced, stumbles.]
Gordon: Oh, dear!
[As Boots Randolph's "Yakety Sax" plays, the show plays a sped-up chase of V, the girls, and the soldiers, while the fake Sutler still struggles to get off from being shoe-laced. An actor in a gorilla suit appears randomly and bangs his chest with his fists. Gordon then throws a banana peel, and the fake V slips on it, and is tackled by the fake Sutler's soldiers]
Fake Sutler: At last! And now, for all the world to see!
[The fake Sutler approaches the fake V, now restrained by the soldiers. He unmasks the fake V, who was revealed to be another Sutler impersonator]
Girl with Spectacles: [As her mother gasps and shakes her head] It's him!
Fake V/Sutler: Unhand me! I am your chancellor!
[A group of old men, who are watching the show, laugh out loud]
Fake Sutler: How dare you! I am the chancellor!
[Gordon makes a funny act of confusion, pointing to one fake Sutler after the other]
Fake V/Sutler: Imposter! [the two fake Sutlers tackle each other in a farcical fight. Gordon makes a funny act of sympathy before they get back up.] Soldiers! That man is the terrorist!
Fake Sutler: I order you to shoot that traitor!
Fake V/Sutler: Liar!
Fake Sutler: Faker!
Fake V/Sutler: Fraud!
Fake Sutler: Ready...
Fake V/Sutler: Aim...
Fake Sutlers: [together, as Gordon blocks his ears with his fingers in a funny act of fright] FIRE!
[The soldiers shoot both fake Sutlers. The curtain closes, the entire public is left laughing and as Gordon bows down to the clapping audience, another fake V sneaks in from the cyclorama, snickering as he holds a cigar. The real Sutler shatters the glass of milk in his hand as he watches]

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