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Universal Soldier

Universal Soldier quotes

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View Quote Local: Nice necklace. I got one just like it made out of noses.
[Scott kicks him in the nose]
View Quote Luc: (asking Veronica to help him look on his naked body for a tracer) Look for something hard.
Luc: (looking down) Is that supposed to be there?
Veronica: (looks up, flustered) Yes, yes it's very normal.
View Quote Luc: Sarge, you want me? I am here. Let the girl go!
Scott: Don't tell me what to do soldier! I give the orders around here, and you're gonna have to learn that! She's a ****ing gook traitor! I gave you an order to kill her, and now you must fulfill that order private!
Luc: Sarge. The war is over.
Scott: Not for me! Not for her! And not for YOU!
View Quote Veronica: Oh man, I'd kill for a cigarette right now
Luc: You'd kill someone for a cigarette?
Veronica: No. It's an expression, a figure of speech. I wouldn't exactly kill someone for a cigarette. I'd hurt them real bad at this point, but I won't kill 'em.
View Quote (after Luc finally kills Scott by pushing him through the hay harvester)
Veronica: Where is he?
Luc: Around.
View Quote [After first action of unisols and before "memory clearance"]
Colonel Perry: GR44, why did you not respond? What happened?
Luc: Innocent.
Colonel Perry: What do you mean by "innocent"?
Luc: The village was cleared. The girl was innocent, sergeant.
Colonel Perry: About who he is talking about?
Garth: It can be in memory.
Woodword: I think we should take him out of project, to test his memory.
Colonel Perry: GR 44 stays with the program.
Woodword: But, colonel...
Colonel Perry: Just give him a serum.
View Quote [After killing a man from CNA]
Woodword: We take him out to lose. He shot a man, for God's sake.
Colonel Perry: Don't tell me what to do. Right now I need every soldier I've got. We'll go after them.
Woodward: Colonel Perry, we've killed an innocent man.
Colonel Perry: What you suggest we do, Woodward?
Woodward: We have a moral obligation to tell the truth about this.
Colonel Perry: I thought you are more clever than that, Woodward. The program is off the shelf. Do you really think the people from Pentagon will allow the regeneration of dead soldiers? American soldiers?
Woodward: I don't think I can be part of this any more.
View Quote (after Luc beats up many of the men inside the diner) Did you enjoy your lunch?
View Quote [after he shot the prison bus driver that was driving Luc and Veronica] Excuse me! You should check out your driver! He don't look so hot! Hahaha!
View Quote All right look. Do you have a family, a friend? Is there a Mrs. 44 waiting for you some place?
View Quote Are we having fun yet?
View Quote How can you be so damn calm? I mean, your buddies back there just shot enough ammo at us to destroy Eastern Europe, and you're sitting here bitching at me about a goddamned seat belt?
View Quote I just want to go home.
View Quote Now I'm gonna teach you the chain of command, private! When I say: "Jump", you say: "How high?" Got it? Got it? Take it and stick in your ****ing head!
View Quote What the hell are you staring at? Do you have any idea what is it like out there? DO YOU?! Well, I'm fighting this thing man, I kick ass, who kiss ass, and I'm busting heads. It's the only way to win this ****ing war. And these shitheads... these yellow traitoring mother****ers... they're everywhere. And I, Sgt. Andrew Scott of the U.S. Army... I'm gonna teach 'em... all.