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Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans quotes

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Andreas Tanis

View Quote (Voiceover, Opening Narration): Two Decades had passed since the creation of both species. The War had begun. Viktor increased his Army, creating a Legion of Vampires to protect them from the very first Clan of Werewolves: A Vicious and Infectious Breed, unable to take Human Form ever again... Until 'He' was born. Lucian. And although every Fiber of Viktor's Soul warned him to slay this child, he did not. Over the years this child grew, he possessed a strength and focus that the ones before him did not. Viktor would use Lucian's infectious blood to his benefit, taking advantage of the Child's thirst, pitting it against him as he was forced to feed off Humans: Viktor's Slaves. Instead, he created a new race of Immortals, Lycans: Werewolf, but also Human. Unlike the others, this new breed could be harnessed, inslaved to guard them in the daylight hours of their Masters... Or so Viktor thought... So very long ago...
View Quote (About his collar) Not if I can remove this. (Shows her a key) I made it myself, this will be my freedom.
View Quote (About Lucian) Of him?
View Quote (Addresses Lucian) Tell me, Lucian, does it burden your heart to kill your own kind?
View Quote (Addressing Sonja) Show a little 'Gratitude', Sonja, to the one who saved your life.
View Quote (After killing a complaining Human Nobleman) Would anyone else like to be heard?
View Quote (As he works, Lucian senses the approaching presence of Werewolves in the distance. He turns to the nearest Vampire in charge.) Lucian: Get your men out there, now.
Kosta: Ha, ha! Down Boy, your leash is too tight. Step away-
Lucian: -There's too many of them. (Thinking of Sonja) They'll be massacred...
(Kosta simply rides away. Seeing that Kosta is doing nothing, Lucian leaps onto the back of Kosta's horse, pushing Kosta-himself off, and rides out of the gate to help Sonja, before any of the Death Dealers present can stop him.) Kosta: STOP HIM!
View Quote (Catching up with Sonja) You were sorely missed at council.
View Quote (Grabs Xristo by the throat) Death Dealers will undoubtly be on the hunt. And they will eventually find us. But not by her doing. I trust Sonja with my life, and as long as I'm in command, so will you. (releases Xristo and walks off)
View Quote (Lies to Viktor, about Sonja) I cannot imagine... (Changes subject) We must prepare, Milord, the Human Nobles are on their way.
View Quote (Lucian has just saved Sonja from a close call with a Werewolf of 'William's Kind'.) Sonja: Have you nothing better to do, Blacksmith, that play with Weapons of War? At least make yourself useful. (Throws Lucian her sword, who catches it with superhuman ease)
Viktor: Show a little 'Gratitude', Sonja, to the one who saved your life.
Sonja: I needed no saving!
Viktor: (Addresses Lucian) Tell me, Lucian, does it burden you heart to kill your own kind?
Lucian: Not at all. They're mindless Beasts, Milord. No Brethren of Mine.
Viktor: Really.
Sonja: Father. (Rides away)
Viktor: (Sees Lucian looking after Sonja as she leaves) You are credit to your race. Do you know how to remain so? Keep your eyes on the ground... (About the dead Werewolf) Get rid of that!
View Quote (Noticing Lucian watching Sonja) You are a credit to your race. Do you know how to remain so? Keep your eyes on the ground...!
View Quote (Referring to a battle with werewolves created from William) I saw what you did out there. Very brave for a human. Have you come across them before?
View Quote (Senses the approaching presense of Werewolves) Get your men out there, now.
View Quote (Sonja is about to leave the Castle to escort the Human Nobles up to the Castle. Andreas Tanis appears on horseback.) Tanis: Lady Sonja, your Father has ordered you to stay behind.
Sonja: I intend to see our guests safely through the Gate. (Addresses the gatemaster) Gate Master.
Tanis: This is not a request. Your Father is ruler of the Coven.
Sonja: So he keeps reminding Me! (Rides past Tanis, through the gates)
(Having dismounted his horse, Tanis approaches Lucian.) Tanis: Careful, Blacksmith, 'lest your eyes betray your secret... (Walks away, leaving Lucian more worried.)