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Violet quotes

View Quote Hello. My name is Violet and I was born into a world you may not understand.
View Quote You are all...gonna die!
View Quote I think I had to know what I was willing to die for.
View Quote Killing is what I do. It's what I'm good at. I am a titan, a monolith. Nothing can stop me.
View Quote Comrad, lover, wife, and this one... this one was going to say Mother, but I got sick and all that became impossible.
View Quote These moments, as beautiful as they are, they're evil when they are gone.
View Quote Is that all you've got?
View Quote You think those people are bad? Well let me tell you something. The real monster you don't want knocking down your door is me.
View Quote When I was a kid, when I was just a little girl... I used to dream about this old, dusty road. And this road would go on as far as the eye could see. There were all these little white flowers growing around the edges. And it was such a peaceful place. But then you realize, when life settles in around you, places like this... doesn't exist.
View Quote Nerva, listen. You know it doen't matter for me. I'll be dead in 36 hours, no matter what. But every human for a quarter mile doesn't have to die with me.
View Quote I am a titan. A monolith.
View Quote [To Six, who is getting close to a sleeping man.] Hey! Park it, right there! [Signaling to a seat in front of her. She gets no response.] Don't make me have to tell you twice. Sit!
View Quote Okay. Let's start simple. They had to call you something, right? [Shaking Six's hand.] Hi, I'm Violet, nice to meet you.
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