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View Quote (To Emily in the chapel, looking at the statue of Jesus) I don't know much about God, or Jesus, but I do know that these arms are meant for you.
View Quote First telephone call to Theodore 'Ted' Hamilton
View Quote Honestly I don't know if I have my own dream, but I do know that I can help others fulfill theirs.
View Quote Howard: Jason. I made a lot of mistakes with our family, but, you are the one, I think I've hurt the most. The only way I can make it up to you is, not give you anything. Jason: Pff! I knew it.
View Quote Howard: What I mean by that, is, I'm not give you anything just yet. So sit back down there. I've been thinking about this, for a long time - How can I give you something and not have it ruin you like your uncles and aunts, even some of the kids. So I want to give you a gift, a series of gifts, leading up to... well, I'm gonna call it the ultimate gift. If you fail in any way - it's over; you get nothing. And everything you do must be to Mr. Hamilton's satisfaction. You might want to make friends with him sooner rather than later.
View Quote Jason: Are you thinking about butterflies? Emily: No, Jason. I'm looking at the stars. Bill's lawyer: Excuse me, but my client wants to check all of his options. Mr. Hamilton: Your client has no more options.
View Quote The name's Howard Stevens — you can call me Red. I needed a lawyer for a few business ideas I have, a few still in the dream stages.