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Two Moon Junction

Two Moon Junction quotes

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View Quote April Delongpre: [after making out with Perry] Darling, don't ever take a Southern woman for granted.
View Quote Belle Delongpre: The Delongpre family can claim three governors, two United States senators, three electives of the House of Representatives, a Supreme Court justice, and an ambassabor to Chile. At our table we've had the likes of General Patton, Presidents Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Carter, Lyndon Johnson, the actress Tallulah Bankhead, and Truman Capote... and that film star Grace Kelly before she married her prince... and Betty Ford after her rehabilitation.
View Quote Patti Jean: I'm so envious of your ****in' tits. Now I know why men like women.
View Quote Patti Jean: What color is your house?
April Delongpre: White. But it's not my house, it's my parents.
Patti Jean: Is your bedroom white too?
April Delongpre: No. It's more of a beige color.
Patti Jean: My place down in Texas is wood-panel. Never lived in anything but that. Except when I lived in Vegas. I was married to my second husband, he was this guy in the Air Force. They set us up at Indian Springs with the full decor they give those officers.
View Quote Perry: This girl's got a secret. Huh? You got any secrets. I don't have any secrets. I don't have anything. All I got is a bike, a truck, and post office box in Clearlake, Florida.
View Quote Sammantha Delongpre: Get off my sister!
View Quote Sheriff Earl Hawkins: Well there they be, son. Jonah and Jonah, Jr. They're so old they can't remember who's pappy and who's the son. They're weird and full of superstition. Burying a dead animal on their land can cause the cows to give bloody milk... or bring on a swarm of locusts.
View Quote Smiley: **** you Perry.
Perry: That's right Smiley, "**** you" cover just about everything!
View Quote [Perry and April are fighting in a motel parking lot with all the motel guests looking on]
April Delongpre: I don't even know you, yet you just come inside my house, uninvited, and take my life away!
Perry: Maybe you don't know it, but you did invite me!
April Delongpre: Oh, go to hell!
Perry: Oh, sweetheart!
April Delongpre: Oh, **** you!
Perry: Princess!
April Delongpre: ****!
Perry: Sugar!
April Delongpre: Mother****er!
Perry: Sweetpea!
April Delongpre: Bastard!
Perry: Be careful what you say, people around here might think we love each other.
April Delongpre: You can rot in hell for all I care.
Perry: You're sexy when you're angry.
April Delongpre: You bastard!
Perry: You already said that!
View Quote [Perry speaks to the motel guests after his argument with April.]
Perry: Sorry about the disturbance folks, but that is one special wacko chick.
View Quote [while driving recklessly on the road at night]
Patti Jean: Man, I hate it when they get drunk. You can't seem to shake 'em. Men just can't seem to get along without their bourbon along with what else what. You're right, April? Yeah, I thought so. Perry told me all about you when we first met, even though that was this afternoon. I'm Patti Jean. Hey, you got a cigarette on you? I left mine in my purse back there at the carnival.
April Delongpre: I don't smoke.
Patti Jean: Damn! I wish I had your will power. I tried to quit smoking once but I thought, "what the ****? I'm just gonna die sooner or later anyway". Speaking of dying, I used to know this woman who worked as a flight attendant operating out of Savannah and she told me that people die on airplanes from heart attacks, motion sickness or whatever, you know where they put 'em until the plane lands? They lock 'em up in the ****ing bathroom! No shit! I mean it, what is a more embarrassing way to die? Ending your life on a toilet seat, 35,000 feet in the air. That's pretty something.