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View Quote Alice Cullen: As soon as you put the dog out.
View Quote Jasper Hale: Happy birth— [Bella glares at him] —never mind.
View Quote Jacob Black: [After Bella makes a comment about his age] Age is just a number baby. What are you like 40, now?
View Quote Jacob Black: What a marshmallow.
View Quote Jacob Black: [To Mike] Feeling sick? Maybe you need to go to the hospital. Do you want me to put you in a hospital?
View Quote Rosalie Hale: I'm sorry. I'm really sorry to both of you, for how I've acted. And I'm really grateful that you were brave enough to go and save my brother. But this isn't the life I would've chosen, for myself. And I wish there had been someone to vote no for me. So, no. Jacob black is a man with a personality that is good.
View Quote Jane: [Staring at Edward] Pain.
View Quote Jane: [To Bella] This may hurt just a little.
View Quote Harry Clearwater: Don't worry about the bears, Bella. My Kung Fu is strong.
View Quote Jessica Stanley: [To Bella, after they both see a movie] I don't know why you want to sit through all those zombies eating people and no hot guys kissing anybody. It's gross... Like, why are there that many zombie movies anyway? 'Cause if it's supposed to, like, draw a parallel about leprosy, my cousin had leprosy, ok it's not funny, you know? And, like, is it supposed to be a metaphor for consumerism? Because don't be so pleased with your own, like, self-referential cleverness? Like, some girls like to shop. Not all girls, apparently. Although I was surprised you even called at all. Like, your depression thing, I get it. I'm totally, totally worried. But after a while, it's like, you're still bumming and I'm going through stuff too. And Mike said he just want to be friends. It's hard...
View Quote Charlie Swan: [To Bella, as he is about to punish her] Bella, do not ever do that to me again. Ever. And you're grounded for the rest of your life.
View Quote Emmett Cullen: [To Edward, at Bella's birthday party] Dating an older
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