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Jacob Black: Look... I know she's in love with you.
Edward Cullen: Oh, good.
Jacob Black: But she's in love with me too. She just won't admit it to herself.
Edward Cullen: I can't tell you if you're right.
Jacob Black: Then let me ask you something. If she chooses me...
Edward Cullen: She won't.
Jacob Black: If she did... Would you try to kill me?
Edward Cullen: That's an intriguing idea. [pause] But,no. I couldn't hurt her like that.
Jacob Black: See, you'd just turn her into a bloodsucking demon like you.
Edward Cullen: I don't want that. I never wanted that.
Jacob Black: So stop her.
Edward Cullen: I tried. I left.
Jacob Black: But you gave up too quickly. If you'd stayed away another six months, I could've made her happy. Trust me. You have to consider... That I might be better for her than you are.
Edward Cullen: I have considered that. I know you can protect her. But you can give her a life... a human life. It's all I want for her. But I'm not... I'm not going to force her into anything, ever again. The last time I tried it almost killed us both.
Jacob Black: Yeah. That I remember. [pause] When you thought she was gone... that you'd lost her... How did you... cope?
Edward Cullen: There's no words. But I wouldn't wish it on anyone, Jacob. [pause] This might sound odd but I'm glad you're here.
Jacob Black: Pretty neat. As much as I'd love to kill you I'm glad she's warm.
Edward Cullen: If we weren't natural enemies... And you weren't trying to steal my reason for existing... I might actually like you.
Jacob Black: Well... If you weren't planning on sucking the life out of the girl I love... I might... No... no, not even then. [pause] But she could still change her mind, you know.
Edward Cullen: Then I'd let her go.
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