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Mattie: I'm here to take you back to Fort Smith and hang you!
Chaney: And I think I will not go. Now how do you like that?
Mattie: Well, there's a posse of officers up the hill who'll force you to go!
Chaney: How many officers?
Mattie: I'd say right around fifty — and they mean business! So you just walk up that hill right in front of me.
Chaney: I believe I'll oblige those officers to come after me.
Mattie: If you refuse to go with me, I'll have to shoot you.
Chaney: Is that so? Well, you better **** your piece. [Mattie pulls back the lever on the revolver to load it. She doesn't pull it all the way.] All the way back, until it locks!
Mattie: [****s revolver properly] I know how to do it. Now you mean to say that you won't go with me on your own free will?
Chaney: You just got it the other way around, now you will follow me!
[Mattie pulls the trigger as a response and shoots Chaney in the ribcage. The recoil knocks her back and she falls down, while Chaney falls down onto the sand on the river as well.] Chaney: I didn't think you'd do it!
Rooster: [From the top of the hill] Sis! Where are you!
Mattie: I'm down here! I got Chaney!
Chaney: I just didn't think you'd do it! One of my short ribs is broke!
Mattie: You killed my father when he was trying to help you! You're just a piece of trash! You also killed a senator in Texas when he was sitting on a porch swing!
Chaney: Everything happens to me and now I'm shot by a child!
Mattie: I'll shoot you again if you don't get up!
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