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Tron: Legacy

Tron: Legacy quotes

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View Quote Sam: Oh, and, you were right, Alan.
Alan: About what?
Sam: About everything.
View Quote Sam: They’re turning around.
Quorra: Not by choice. Their vehicles aren’t designed to work off-Grid. They’ll malfunction on this terrain.
Sam: What about us?
Quorra: [laughs] Obviously not.
View Quote Zuse: [Nervously] I realize that our alliance is, at times, uneasy. But always necessary. You know you need me, right where I am. Clu?
Clu: Of course you’re right. Enjoy the drink.
(Black guards setting up bombs as Clu walks away]
Clu: [Chuckling] End of line, man.
View Quote [After being handed a lightcycle in its dormant form]
Sam: What’s this? What do I do with this?
Jarvis: I’ll give you a hint. Not that.
View Quote [After escaping and realizing Kevin had lost his disk, Sam wants to go back to get it]
Kevin: No, we stay together.
Sam: Dad, I can do this.
Kevin: You’ve done enough already! Sam, you’re really… You’re messing with my Zen thing, man.
View Quote [After the security guard ‘corners’ him on top of the building]
Sam: Don’t sweat it. You’re boss is okay with this.
Guard: The hell he is!
Sam: Your boss works for the CEO, and the CEO works for the shareholders. Now do you know who the biggest shareholder is?
Guard: I don’t know, some kid.
[Sam spreads his hands, indicating himself]
Guard: You’re Mr. Flynn? Why? This is your father’s company!
Sam: Not anymore.
[jumps off the roof]
View Quote [Kevin Flynn and CLU confront each other at the portal]
Kevin Flynn: [Stretches his arm out to hold Sam back and walks towards CLU] This is mine . . . [To CLU] Had a feeling you'd be here.
CLU: [laughs] The cycles haven't been kind, have they?
Kevin Flynn: [Quips] No, you don't look so bad.
CLU: I did everything . . . Everything you ever asked!
Kevin Flynn: I know you did.
CLU: I executed the plan!
Kevin Flynn: As you saw it.
CLU: You! You promised that we would change the world . . . together. You broke your promise!
Kevin Flynn: I know. I understand that now.
CLU: I took the system to its maximum potential. I created the perfect system!
Kevin Flynn: The thing about perfection is that it's unknowable. It's impossible, but it's also right in front of us, all the time. You wouldn't know that because I didn't, when I created you . . . I'm sorry, CLU . . . I'm sorry.
[CLU kicks Flynn to the ground]
Sam Flynn: No! [punches CLU, Clu throws him away]
Kevin Flynn: [To Quorra] Go. [CLU advances towards Quorra] CLU! Remember what you came for.
[CLU beats up Flynn, and separates the plates, cutting off Sam and Quorra from Kevin Flynn.]
Sam Flynn: Dad!
CLU: [taking Flynn's identity disc] You knew I'd beat you. And still you did all this. For him? [CLU realizes that he is holding Quorra's disc] No! Why?
Kevin Flynn: He's my son!
[CLU leaps across the gap, narrowly grabbing the ledge]
Kevin Flynn: [to Sam] GO!.
Sam Flynn: No!
Kevin Flynn: Sam, it's time.
Quorra: Sam, it's what he wants.
Sam Flynn: I'm not leaving you!
Kevin Flynn: Take her!
[Sam and Quorra activate the portal]
Kevin Flynn: Goodbye, Kiddo.
[CLU climbs up, and runs toward the Portal. Kevin Flynn begins re-integration to stop him.]
[Kevin Flynn re-integrates with CLU, the force of their detonation destroys the Grid]
View Quote [Kevin Flynn creates CLU]
Kevin Flynn: You are CLU.
CLU: I am CLU.
Kevin Flynn: You will create the perfect system.
CLU: I will create the perfect system.
Kevin Flynn: [embracing CLU] Together we're going to change the world, man.
View Quote [Sam and Quorra gazing at the portal ahead]
Quorra: It’s how I imagine the sunrise to be.
Sam: Oh, trust me. There’s no comparison.
Quorra: What’s it like?
Sam: The sun?
Quorra: Yeah.
Sam: Wow. I’ve never had to describe it. Warm. Radiant. [looks at her] Beautiful.
View Quote [Sam has entered the Grid, the digital world his father found twenty years ago. He has been captured by guards, and forced to fight in the arena.]
Sam Flynn: What am I supposed to do?
Gem: Survive.
View Quote Game on, old friend.
View Quote Greetings, programs! Oh, what an occasion we have here before us. Because your rumors are true. We do indeed have in our midst a User! A User. So, what to do? What does this User deserve? Might I suggest, perhaps, the challenge of the grid? [crowd cheers] And who best to battle this singular opponent? Perhaps one who has some experience in these matters. Oh yes indeed, programs! Your liberator! Your luminary! Your leader and beacon![1] The one who vanquished the tyranny of the user those many cycles before! CLU! ↑ The official subtitles say "leader and maker" but writer Adam Horowitz confirmed that "leader and beacon" is correct.
View Quote Greetings, programs! Together we have achieved a great many things. We have created a vast, complex system. We've maintained it; we've improved it. We've rid it of its imperfection. Not to mention, rid it of the false deity who sought to enslave us! Kevin Flynn!! Where are you now?! My fellow programs, let there be no doubt that our world is a cage no more. For at this moment, the key to the next frontier is finally in our possession! And unlike our selfish creator, who reserved the privilege of our world only for himself, I will make their world open and available to all of us. YES, TO ALL OF US! And whatever we find there, there, our system will grow. There, our system will blossom! Do this, prove yourselves, prove yourselves to me, be loyal to me, and I will never betray you! - Maximize efficiency, rid the new system of its imperfection! My vision is clear, fellow programs. Out there is a new world! Out there is our victory! Out there... is our destiny.
View Quote I've been waiting a long time for this.
View Quote You've been corrupted.