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Trolls World Tour

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Queen Barb

View Quote [after Poppy destroys the guitar, rendering the strings destroyed, the colors vanishing and all the trolls who became rock zombies turned back to normal]
Poppy: [notices Branch is okay] Branch! [drops the smashed guitar and runs to Branch]
Barb: [shocked] No...
[Barb walks over to her destroyed guitar and snapped strings]
Barb: My strings... [picks up some of the snapped strings which disintegrates; to Poppy] What have you done? You destroyed music! [to everyone] Give it up, everyone! Thanks to the Queen of Pop, we all lost our music! History repeats itself. Pop has ruined everything. [scowls]
View Quote [as Cooper uses the microphone to make everyone listen to his heartbeat from his glowing heart, as Prince D joins in by beatboxing to the melody]
Queen Essence: Those are my sons... making music.
View Quote [from trailer] I'm gonna unite the strings and destroy all music... EXCEPT FOR ROCK!!!!
View Quote A good queen listens. Real harmony takes lots of voices! DIFFERENT voices! (smashes Barb's guitar, causing all of the Trolls' colors to disappear)
View Quote A world where everyone looks the same and even sounds the same? That's not harmony!
View Quote History repeats itself: Pop has ruined everything.
View Quote I can make it right. History's just gonna keep repeating itself until we make everyone realize that we're all the same.
View Quote In the beginning, we were divided. Our ancestors thought we were just too different to get along. It turns out they were wrong. Very, very wrong.
View Quote Oh, but by the end of my world tour, we're all gonna have the same vibe. We're all gonna be one nation of trolls... under Rock!
View Quote So... why do I care about you more than anybody else in the world? Weird, right...?
View Quote This is a terrible idea that will most likely blow up in your face.
View Quote Wait-wait-wait-wait-wait!! Why does Barb get to decide which music gets to be saved? All music should be saved.
View Quote We're all Trolls! Differences don't matter!
View Quote Yeah, it is sad. But... life is sad sometimes, so... I kinda like it.
View Quote You wanna be a good queen? Good queens actually listen. You know what I heard back there? Differences do matter.