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Tristan and Isolde

Tristan and Isolde quotes

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View Quote Isolde: How many did you love before me?
Tristan: None.
Isolde: And after me?
Tristan: None.
View Quote [After Isolde's wedding to Marke, as the married couple leave the party, Isolde approaches Tristan]
Isolde: If things were different. If we lived in a place without duty... would you be with me?
Tristan: That place does not exist.
Isolde: I'll pretend it's you.
View Quote [Marke and Isolde stand outside the keep surveying the town. Marke fingers her shell bracelet.]
Marke: That’s pretty. Did you make it?
Isolde: It was a present.

View Quote [Tristan and Isolde look out to sea.]
Tristan: You're promised?
Isolde: Yes.
Tristan: What’s he like?
Isolde: Dark. Tall. Nearly twice your size. An absolute gentleman.
Tristan: I thought... earlier when you spoke of wanting something you can’t have.
Isolde: I didn’t know what I was talking about.
[They leave the shore and go inside the hut, Isolde is crying.]
Isolde: Outside, just past that bluff there is a boat. That’s how you should go when you leave. You should go soon.
[Isolde leaves but Tristan goes after her. They kiss. Inside the hut they make love.]
Tristan: How do you feel?
Isolde: I don’t know
View Quote [Isolde and Marke retire to their bedroom. Tristan watches their window from outside.] You're trembling. You are far from home and I am a stranger still. But you mustn't fear me. My wish is to make you happy, as a wife.. as a woman and hopefully one day, the fact that I am not whole will not offend you. [Marke kisses Isolde and makes love to her.]
View Quote [Tristan dies. Isolde is thinking of the time back in Ireland] Two hearts thine and mine paired. And true plain hearts in their faces rest. Where can you find two hemispheres, without sharp north, without declining west. Whatever dies was not mixed equally. If our two loves be one and thou and I love so alike. Then none can slacken, none can die.
View Quote Hello. [Tristan slowly turns to look at her.] You've been sleeping a long time. You're in Ireland. Did you know that? Shh... It's alright. You're safe here. No one knows. Don't be scared. Just sleep... sleep. [Tristan fades out of consciousness.]
View Quote I want to know if there's more to this life and I can't know that if they kill you!
View Quote Marke delivered me from that place when I was a boy. You ran. So you can understand that when I think of Kings I think of him. When I think of cowards...
View Quote Will you always be little men, Who could not see what once was... And could be again.