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Scroop: Cabin boys should learn to mind their own business.
Jim Hawkins: Why? You got something to hide, bright-eyes?
[Angered, Scroop snatches Jim up.]
Scroop: Maybe your ears don't work so well.
Jim Hawkins: Yeah. [grunts] Too bad my nose works just fine.
Scroop: Why, you impudent little...!
[Scroop slams Jim against the mast. Members of the crew gather to egg him on.]
Krailoni: Go ahead! Slice him, dice him!
Scroop: [holding a claw to Jim's throat] Any last words, cabin boy?
John Silver: [grabs Scroop's claw] Mr. Scroop... you ever see what happens to a fresh purp when you squeeze real hard? [he squeezes Scroop's claw, making him gasp in pain and drop Jim]
Mr. Arrow: [approaching] What's all this, then? You know the rules. There'll be no brawling on this ship. Any further offenders will be confined to the brig for the remainder of the voyage. [glares at Scroop] Am I clear, Mr. Scroop?
Scroop: [glares at Mr. Arrow, but is given a warning scowl by Silver] Transparently. [gives one last glare at Arrow as he and the other ship members leave]
John Silver: Well, done, Mr. Arrow, sir! A tight ship's a happy ship, sir! [angrily grabs the mop and turns towards Jim] Jimbo, I gave you a job!
Jim Hawkins: Hey, I was doing it, until that bug thing...
John Silver: BELAY THAT!!! [hands Jim the mop] Now, I want this deck swabbed spotless, and heaven help ye if I come back and it's not done! Morph? [Morph appears] Keep an eye on this pup, let me know if there be anymore distractions.
Morph: OK. Aye-yie! [Morph's eyes become big as he stares at Jim while he mops]
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