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Treasure Planet

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View Quote [After Jim's argument with Scroop, Jim continues mopping the deck while Morph keeps an eye on him]
Jim Hawkins: Well, this has been a fun day, huh? Makin' new friends, like that spider psycho.
Morph: [turns into a miniature version of Scroop and tiptoes towards Jim creepily] Spider psycho. Spider psycho.
Jim Hawkins: A little uglier.
Morph: [laughs maniacally]
Jim Hawkins: Pretty close.
[Morph shrugs]
John Silver: [Morph turns back to normal when John Silver walks on the deck to dump out the trash] Well, thank heavens to little miracles. Up here for an hour, and the deck's still in one piece.
Jim Hawkins: Um... look, I... what you did, thanks.
John Silver: [looks at him sympathetically] Didn't your pap ever teach you to pick your fights a bit more carefully? [Jim looks away] Your father not the teachin' sort?
Jim Hawkins: No. He was more the taking-off-and-never-coming-back sort.
John Silver: [sympathetically] Oh... Sorry, lad.
Jim Hawkins: Hey, no big deal. I'm doing just fine.
John Silver: Is that so? [smirks] Well, since the Captain has put you in my charge, like it or not, I'll be pounding a few skills into that thick head of yours to keep you out of trouble.
Jim Hawkins: What?
John Silver: From now on, I'm not lettin' you out of me sight!
Jim Hawkins: You can't d--!
John Silver: You won't so much as eat, sleep, or scratch your BUM without my say-so!
Jim Hawkins: Don't do me any favors!
John Silver: Oh, you can be sure of that, lad! You can be sure of that! [laughs]
View Quote [Captain Amelia has just saved the crew from a black hole.]
Dr. Doppler: Captain! That--oh, my goodness. That was--that was absolutely--that was the most--
Captain Amelia: Oh, tish-tosh. Actually, Doctor, your astronomical advice was most helpful.
Dr. Doppler: Well, uh, uh--thank you. Thank you very much. Well, l have a lot of help to offer anatomically--amanamonically--uh-astronomically. [slaps himself on forehead]
View Quote [Down at the galley]
Dr. Delbert Doppler: That woman! That... feline! Whom does she think is working for whom?!
Jim Hawkins: It's my map, and she's got me bussin' tables--
Mr. Arrow: [sternly interrupting] I'll not tolerate a cross word about our captain! There's no finer officer in this or any galaxy.
[They see a figure standing in a dark corner with a knife, whistling]
Mr. Arrow: Mr. Silver!
[Silver turns around to greet the trio, revealing his mechanical arm, leg, ear, and eye]
John Silver: Why, Mr. Arrow, sir! Bringin' such fine-lookin' distinguished gents to brace me humble galley? Had I known, I'd have tucked in me shirt! [tucks in his apron and chuckles while Jim observes his mechanical body parts.]
Jim Hawkins: [whispering to himself, remembering Billy Bones's dying warning] A cyborg!
Mr. Arrow: May I introduce Dr. Doppler, the financier of our voyage.
John Silver: [uses his cyborg eye to observe Doppler's suit] Love the outfit, doc!
Dr. Delbert Doppler: [Uncomfortably] Uh... thank you. Love the eye! [Trying to divert Silver's attention] This young lad is Jim Hawkins.
John Silver: Jimbo! [Holds out his arm for Jim to shake it, but there are five sharp tools instead of five fingers. Silver notices and switches it to a hand. Jim glares at the arm and Silver untrusting. Silver simply smiles and prepares a dish.] Ah, now, don't be too put off by this hunk o' hardware. [Switches from hand to small knife-like scissors. Slices up some shellfish into a bowl. Switches from scissors to cleaver to cut up some vegetables, but he does this without looking and almost cuts off his left hand. Has a shocked look and then just smiles again.] Whoa! Heh-heh. [Switches the cyborg arm from cleaver to three clawed mini-arms. Throws three eggs and cracks them into the bowl.] These gears have been tough gettin' used to, but they do come in mighty handy from time to time. [Switches his arm as he throws the bowl on top and fire comes shooting out for a couple seconds. Pours the stew into a pot set on top of an open stove and adds some salt. Takes out a spoon and tries it to see if it's just right. Has an approving smile on his face. Pours some stew into two bowls, one for Delbert and one for Jim.] Here, now. Have a taste of me famous Bonzabeast Stew.
Dr. Delbert Doppler: [sniffing, and then tasting the stew] Mmm! Delightfully tangy, yet robust.
John Silver: Old family recipe. [Doppler sees an eyeball float to the top of the stew and yelps.] In fact, that was part of the old family! [laughs heartily] Ah, I'm just kiddin', doc. [Takes out the eye and swallows it.] I'm nuttin' if I ain't a kidder. [Sees Jim hesitating.] Go on, Jimbo, have a swig.
[Jim looks at the spoon again. Suddenly the top turns into a little pink face stuffed with the stew. The rest of the spoon does the same, revealing the form of smiling, pink blob. Turns into a straw and devours the rest of the stew in a flash.]
John Silver: Morph! You jiggle-headed blob o' mischief! So that's where you was hidin'!
[Morph peeks over the top of the bowl, chatters, then belches. He floats up and rubs against Jim's cheek.]
Jim Hawkins: Heh. What is that thing?
Morph: [imitating Jim] "What is that thing?"
[Jim touches Morph, who then shapeshifts into a miniature version of Jim.]
John Silver: He's... a Morph. I rescued the little shapeshifter on Proteus One.
[Morph transforms back and floats over the Silver; they cuddle each other.]
John Silver: Aw, he took a shine to me. We've been together ever since.
[Bell rings up on deck.]
Mr. Arrow: We're about to get underway. Would you like to observe the launch, Doctor?
Dr. Delbert Doppler: [thrilled] Would I?! Does an active galactic nucleus have superluminal jets?! [awkward silence] I'll follow you.
[Jim starts to follow them out, but is stopped by Arrow.]
Mr. Arrow: Mr. Hawkins will stay here, in your charge, Mr. Silver.
John Silver: [spits out the stew, surprised] Beggin' your pardon, sir, but, uh--
Mr. Arrow: Captain's orders! See to it the new cabin boy's kept busy.
[Both Jim and Silver attempt to protest, giving up simultaneously as Arrow departs.]
John Silver: So... Cap'n's put you with me, eh? [walks around Jim]
Jim Hawkins: [flatly] Whatever.
John Silver: [smiles and starts to prepare another dish.] Ah, who be a humble cyborg to argue with a Cap'n?
Jim Hawkins: Yeah... [Grabs a purp from a barrel and starts to walk around.] Ya know... These purps, they're kinda like the ones back home... On Montressor. Ya ever been there?
John Silver: Ah... Can't says I have, Jimbo.
Jim Hawkins: [taking a bite out of the purp] Come to think of it, just before I left, I met this old guy who was, uh... He was kind of looking for a cyborg buddy of his.
John Silver: Is that so?
Jim Hawkins: Yeah. What was that old salamander's name? Oh, yeah. Bones. Billy Bones?
John Silver: Bones? BONES? ...Eh, 'tain't ringin' any bells. Must've been a different cyborg. There's a slew of cyborgs roamin' this port.
View Quote [Jim has been escorted home by two police robots]
Police Robot 1: [to Sarah Hawkins] We apprehended your son operating a solar vehicle in a restricted area.
Police Robot 2: Moving Violation 9-0-4, Section 15, Paragraph... um...
Jim Hawkins: Six?
Police Robot 2: Thank you.
Jim Hawkins: Don't mention it.
Sarah Hawkins: [in exasperation] Jim!
Police Robot 1: As you are aware, ma'am, this constitutes a violation of his probation.
Sarah Hawkins: [stuttering for an explanation] Yes, yes- No, I mean, I understand, but, um, co-couldn't we just-?
Dr. Delbert Doppler: [interrupting] Um, pardon me, officers, if I might, uh, interject here? I am the noted astrophysicist Dr. Delbert Doppler. Perhaps you've heard of me? [awkward silence] No? I have a clipping.
Police Robot 1: Are you the boy's father?
Delbert and Sarah: Oh! Good heavens, no!
Sarah Hawkins: Eww! He's just an old friend of the family.
Both Police Robots: [to Delbert] Back off, sir!
Sarah Hawkins: Thank you, Delbert. I will take it from here.
Delbert: Well, Sarah, if you insist. [under his breath] Don't ever let me do that again.
Police Robot 1: [to Sarah] Due to repeated violations of statute 15-C, we have impounded his vehicle. Any more slip-ups will result in a one-way ticket to Juvenile Hall.
Police Robot 2: Kiddie hoosegow.
Police Robot 1: The slammo.
Sarah Hawkins: Thank you, officers. [towards Jim, firmly] It won't happen again.
Police Robot 1: We see his type all the time, ma'am.
Police Robot 2: Wrong choices.
Police Robot 1: Dead-enders.
Police Robot 2: Losers.
[Jim glares at them.]
Police Robot 1: [tips his hat] You take care now.
Police Robot 2: Let's motor.
[They depart, leaving an awkward silence behind them]
View Quote [Jim is brooding on the rigging after Mr. Arrow's death, moving a piece of rope through his hands, when Silver stands next to him smoking his pipe. After a long pause, Silver speaks.]
John Silver: It weren't your fault, you know.
Jim Hawkins: [sighs deeply]
John Silver: Why, half the crew would be spinning in that black abyss if not for-
[Jim angrily tosses the rope he's holding off the ship and jumps down onto the deck next to Silver]
Jim Hawkins: Look, don't you get it?! I screwed up! I mean, for two seconds, I thought that maybe I could do something right, but... [he then yells in frustration before standing by the mast away from Silver.] Just forget it. Forget it.
[He then places his hand on his forehead, while Silver looks at him with pity, before placing his own hand on Jim's shoulder to turn him around.]
John Silver: Now, you listen to me, James Hawkins. You got the makings of greatness in you, but you gotta take the helm and chart your own course! Stick to it, no matter the squalls! And when the time comes, you'll get the chance to really test the cut of your sails and show what you're made of! And... well, I hope I'm there, catching some of the light coming off you that day.
View Quote [Jim saves the crew and ship]
John Silver: Didn't I tell you the lad had greatness in him?!
[The pirates cheer Jim while Doppler and Amelia hug, realize what they're doing and don't stop]
Captain Amelia: [to Jim] Unorthodox, but ludicrously effective. I'd be proud to recommend you to the Interstellar Academy. They could do with a man like you.
Dr. Doppler: [excited] Just wait until your mother hears about this! [quietly] Of course, we may downplay the life-threatening parts.
View Quote [Jim walks into the ship hold and finds Silver and Morph hastily untying a rope to a longboat to escape]
John Silver: Morphie, we gotta make tracks!
Jim Hawkins: [suddenly approaching Silver] You never quit, do you?
John Silver: Ah, Jimbo! I was... merely checking to make sure this long boat was safe and... secure.
Jim Hawkins: Hmmm... [ties a knot in a way that Silver taught him] That should hold it.
John Silver: [chuckles] I taught you too well. Now, if you don't mind, we just as soon avoid prison. Little Morphie here... he's a free spirit! Being in a cage... it'd break his heart.
[After Jim and Silver stare at each other sympathetically, Jim opens the galleyway]
John Silver: What say you ship out with us, lad.
Morph: "Ship out with us!" [turns into a pirate hat and lands on Jim]
John Silver: You and me, Hawkins and Silver, full of ourselves, and no ties to anyone!
Jim Hawkins: You know, when I got on this boat, [tickles Morph, turning him back to normal] I would've taken you up in that offer in a second. But... I met this old cyborg, and I taught me that I can chart my own course. That's what I'm gonna do.
John Silver: And what do ya see off that bow of yours?
Jim Hawkins: A future.
John Silver: [chuckles] Why, look at ya. Glowing like a solar fire. [on the verge of tears] You're something special, Jim. You're gonna rattle the stars, you are!
[Jim and Silver give each other one last hug and then Silver wipes the tears off his eye]
John Silver: Got a bit of grease in this cyborg eye of mine.
[Morph cries and melts into a pool of tears]
Jim Hawkins: Oh... Hey, Morph, I'll see ya 'round, okay?
Morph: "See ya 'round?" [turns back to normal and licks Jim before he floats back to Silver]
John Silver: Morphie? I got a job for ya. I need you to keep an eye on this young pup. [on the verge of tears again] Will ya do me that favor?
[Morph salutes to Silver, gives him one last cuddle, and floats over to Jim]
John Silver: [as his longboat is about to be lanched] Oh, and one more thing! [throws a bit of Flint's treasure to Jim] It's for your dear mother, to rebuilt that inn of hers. [winks at Jim]
Jim Hawkins: Stay outta trouble, you old scallywag.
John Silver: Why, Jimbo, lad, when have I ever done otherwise? [laughs as his longboat is launched]
View Quote [John Silver arrives at B.E.N.'s to discuss a bargain for Jim's map, unaware that it's still on the Legacy]
John Silver: Oh, this poor old leg's downright snapped since that game of tag we had in the galley. [sees Jim glaring at him; guilty] Whatever you heard back there, at least the part concerning you, I didn't mean a word of it. If that bloodthirsty lot thought I had gone soft, they'd have gutted us both. [whispers] Now, listen to me. If we play our cards right, we can both walk away from this rich as kings.
Jim Hawkins: Yeah?
John Silver: [chuckles] You get me that map, and... [looks around to see if anyone's listening] an even portion of the treasure is yours! [holds out his cyborg hand]
Jim Hawkins: Boy. You are really something. [walks around Sliver] All that talk of greatness? Light coming off my sails? What a joke.
John Silver: Now, just see here, Jimbo--
Jim Hawkins: I mean, at last you taught me one thing. Stick to it, right? Well, that just what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna make sure that you never see one drabloon of my treasure!
John Silver: [angry] THAT TREASURE IS OWED ME, BY 'TUNDER!!!
Jim Hawkins: [very angry] WELL, TRY TO FIND IT WITHOUT MY MAP, "BY 'TUNDER"!!!
John Silver: Oh, you still don't know how to pick your fights, do ya, boy?! Now mark me: either I get that map by dawn tomorrow, or so help me, I'LL USE THE SHIP'S CANNONS TO BLAST YE ALL TO KINGDOM COME!!!
View Quote [Sarah looks at video recordings of a younger Jim]
Sarah Hawkins: I keep dreaming one day I'll open that door, and there he'll be, just the way he was. A smiling, happy little boy, holding a new pet and begging me to let him keep it. [chuckles]
[Delbert opens the front door, revealing Jim carrying Billy Bones]
Sarah Hawkins: [gasps] James Pleiades Hawkins--!
Jim Hawkins: Mom, he's hurt! Bad! [lays Bones onto the floor]
Billy Bones: [weakly] Me chest, lad. [Jim pushes his chest towards him, and he enters a combination, making it open] He'll be comin' soon... [takes out a wrapped bundle] Can't let them find this!
Jim Hawkins: Who's coming?
Billy Bones: [pulls Jim towards him and whispers in his ear] The cyborg! Beware the cyborg! [gasps out his last breath and collapses, dead]
View Quote [Silver and some of the crew are privately plotting over mutiny. Unbeknownst to them, Jim is watching from within a barrel of fruit.]
Birdbrain Mary: Look, all I'm saying is, we're sick of all this waiting!
Hands: So, there's only three of them left.
Grewnge: We are wanting to move!
John Silver: We don't move we got the treasure in hand!
Scroop: I say we kill them all now.
John Silver: [grabs him by the neck angrily] "I say"?! What's this "I say"?! Disobey my orders again, like that stunt you pulled with Mr. Arrow, and so help me, you'll be JOINING HIM! [throws him at the barrel]
Scroop: Strong talk... but I know otherwise.
[He reaches into the barrel. Jim passes him a purp to avoid being discovered.]
Silver: You got something to say, Scroop?
Scroop: [smiles sinisterly] It's that boy. [Silver is unnerved] Methinks you have a soft... [pierces the fruit with his pincer] spot for him.
Silver: [pauses, then regains composure] Now mark me, the lot of ya! I care about one thing and one thing only - Flint's trove! You think I'd risk it all for the sake of some... nose-whiping little whelp?!
[In the barrel, Jim is shocked and hurt.]
Scroop: [taunting] What was it now? "Oh, you got the makings of greatness in ya..."
Silver: SHUT YOUR YAP! I cozied up to the kid to keep him off our scent. But I ain't gone soft!
View Quote [Silver has chosen Jim over the treasure.]
Jim Hawkins: Silver, you gave up--?
John Silver: Just a lifelong obsession, Jimbo. I'll get over it.
View Quote [With Captain Amelia still injured, Doppler's steering the ship.]
Captain Amelia: Doctor, head us back to the portal.
Dr. Doppler: Aye, Captain.
Captain Amelia: Down on the right! THE RIGHT!