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Curtin: Well Howard, what next, I wonder?
Howard: Well, I'm all fixed as far as I'm concerned as a medicine man. I'll have three meals a day, five if I want 'em, and a roof over my head, and a drink every now and then to warm me up. I'll be worshipped and fed and treated like a high priest for telling people things they want to hear. Good medicine men are born, not made. Come and see me some time, my boy. Even you will take off your hat when you see how respected I am. Why only the day before yesterday, they wanted to make me their Legislature - their whole Legislature. I don't know what that means but it must be the highest honor they can bestow. Yeah, I'm all fixed for the rest of my natural life. How about yourself? What do you aim to do?
Curtin: I haven't got any idea.
Howard: Oh, you're young yet. You've got plenty of time to make three or four fortunes for yourself.
Curtin: You know, the worst ain't so bad when it finally happens. Not half as bad as you figure it will be before it's happened. I'm no worse off than I was in Tampico. All I'm out is a couple hundred bucks when you come right down to it. Not very much compared to what Dobbsie lost.
Howard: Any special place you're bent on goin'?
Curtin: Naw, all the places are the same to me.
Howard: Tell you what. You can keep my share of what the burros and the hides'll bring if you use the money to buy a ticket to Dallas. See Cody's widow. Better than writin'. And besides, it's July and the fruit harvest. How about it?
Curtin: It's a deal.

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