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Dobbs: I was just thinkin' what a bonehead play that old jackass made when he put all his goods in our keeping...Figured to let us do his sweatin' for him, did he? We'll show him...Oh man, can't you see? It's all ours. We don't go back to Durango at all, savvy? Not at all...Don't be such a sap. Where did you ever grow up? All right, to make it clear to a dumbhead like you - we take all his goods and go straight up north and leave the old jackass flat.
Curtin: You aren't serious are you? You don't really mean what you're saying?
Dobbs: Fred C. Dobbs don't say nothin' he don't mean.
Curtin: As long as I'm here and can do anything about it, you won't touch a single grain of the old man's goods.
Dobbs: I know exactly what you mean. You want to take it all for yourself and cut me out.
Curtin: No, Dobbs. I'm on the level with the old man. Just as I'd be on the level with you if you weren't here.
Dobbs: Get off your soapbox, will you? You only sound foolish out here in this wilderness. I know you for what you are. For a long time, I've had my suspicions about you and now I know I've been right.
Curtin: What suspicions are you talking about?
Dobbs: Oh, you're not puttin' anything over on me. I see right through you. For a long time, you've had it in your mind to bump me off at the first good opportunity and bury me out here in the bush like a dog. So's you could take not only the old man's goods but mine in the bargain. And when you get to Durango safely, you'll have a big laugh, won't ya, thinkin' how dumb the old man and I were?
[Dobbs draws his gun on Curtin]
Dobbs: Was I right or was I? You and your Sunday school talk about protectin' people's goods. You. Come on, stand up and take it like a man.
[Curtin fights Dobbs, disarming him]
Curtin: [drawing his own gun] The cards are dealt the other way now, Dobbs.

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