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[Doug visits his father in prison]
Doug MacRay: I'm thinking about um... taking a trip. Going dark for a minute.
Stephen MacRay: Takin' heat?
Doug MacRay: Nah, just... Makin' a change.
Stephen MacRay: Yeah, don't tell me. "Makin' a change." Either you got heat or you don't. I heard a bread truck got dropped.
Doug MacRay: Oh, yeah? I didn't hear about it.
Stephen MacRay: Okay.
Police Guard: You got five minutes! Five minutes!
Doug MacRay: Let me ask you something. In case I don't see you again. How come you never... How come you never looked for her?
Stephen MacRay: Uhhhhh... Looked for who?
Doug MacRay: [short pause] For Ma. For my mother. How come you never looked for her? How come you never tried to call nobody or look for her, or ask around?
Stephen MacRay: [sighs] Look, when your mother left, you cried so hard you were throwin' up. All over parlor. So I told you if you looked around you might find her. Just to give you an activity. I didn't think you'd carry it like a ****in' disease. What, you wanna think she was an angel? Go ahead. But look out your front door. How many 22 year old girls are out there, they're ****in' around with kids they don't want... and... you know... no sense in their heads. And your mother wasn't no different. That's the hard truth. I made my peace with it. You make yours. I didn't look for her because there was nothin' to find. Look, I gotta die five times before I get outta here. But, I'll see you again. This side or the other.
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