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Doug MacRay: You following us, Jem? Who were you tailing, me or her?
James Coughlin: I told you. I made the Avalanche.
Doug MacRay: You got nothing to worry about. It's all under control.
James Coughlin: So, you're trying to get us jammed up, that it?
Doug MacRay: Yeah, I'm trying to get you jammed up.
James Coughlin: Tell me you got a move here, Dougie. Cause the only way I see it, is that you got sprung like a goddamn bear trap on some toonie pussy who happens to be the one goddamn person-****! the one person that can give us to the ****ing feds.
Doug MacRay: Calm down. Don't you think we need to be smart right now?
James Coughlin: Smart? Let's start ****ing all the witnesses. Oh yeah I'm blowing the Assistant manager, am I smart now? And no, I didn't tell the other guys because they'd flip the **** out! And I want them ready for the next thing.
Doug MacRay: I told you, the next ****ing thing ain't ready yet.
James Coughlin: Then ****ing make it ready!
Doug MacRay: I don't like the guards on the next thing, alright. One kid is like ****ing G.I. Joe, He wears the vest on the outside and tucks his pants into his ****ing combat boots.
James Coughlin: The truck's ****ing waist high.
Doug MacRay: We'll find another truck with the driver who's a ****ing fat kid with his ****ing shirt on top who don't think he's special forces.
James Coughlin: Well I know you're happy in ****-city over there but I waited nine years in Walpole for you mother****er, just nine years that's all. I'm done waiting
Doug MacRay: This is the last one. We're hitting pause after this. We get pinched, remember whose idea this was, okay? Be ready on Friday.
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