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Chief O' Hallorhan: It's out of control. And it's coming your way. You've got about 15 minutes. Now they wanna try something. They wanna blow those water tanks 2 floors above you - they think it might kill the fire.
Doug Roberts: How are they gonna get the explosives up here?
Chief O' Hallorhan: Oh they'll find some dumb son of a bitch to bring 'em up.
Doug Roberts: Hang on, I'll tell 'em. (Roberts goes to tell the remaining guests) They wanna try to put out the fire by blowing up the water tanks above us. It's gonna mean a lot of water and steel and concrete but if they don't try it...we're all gonna burn. The fire's out of control below us. They think we got maybe 15 minutes. This way, some of us might survive. We've got no options. (the fire breaks into the Promenade Room, the guests panic and make a run for the Breeches Buoy. Simmons gets there first, and fights his way on, and a fight breaks out among the men to get him off. An explosion destroys the ropes sending Simmons, Senator Parker and several others to their deaths)
Chief O' Hallorhan: Yeah?
Doug Roberts (returning to the phone) Well, we just lost the Breeches Buoy, there was a panic up here. It's under control now.
Chief O' Hallorhan: Ok, now I'm going to try and set down on the roof, I'm gonna need you up there.
Doug Roberts: Well I know how where to place the charges, but I don't know how.
Chief O' Halloran: I know how.
Doug Roberts: Ok. See you up there.

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