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Doug Roberts: (on the phone to security) Hello, this is 81, we've had an accident up here, a man's been burned, get an ambulance! Yes, right away!
Security Chief Harry Jernigan: (as he and another man drag the badly injured Will Giddings to safety) Roberts, call Duncan in the tower! They got a lot of people there!
(Roberts phones the Promenade Room)
James Duncan: Yeah Doug, we were getting worried about you. Susan's here, Senator Parker, the Mayor and his wife. Everybody wants to know why the world's greatest architect isn't here.
Doug Roberts: Never mind about that. Will Giddings has been pretty badly burned.
James Duncan: (surprised) Will Giddings burned? How?!
Doug Roberts: Look, I've already got an ambulance coming but you better think about getting those people upstairs down on the ground floor. (pause as Duncan asks why) What for? WE'VE GOT A FIRE HERE! (pause as Duncan asks the severity of the fire) Well, I think it's under control but....
James Duncan: Well then, uh, why the urgency?
Doug Roberts: Urgency?! Hey Dunc if that fire was caused by fluky wiring in the building we could get fires breaking out everywhere!
James Duncan: Doug, I think you're overreacting. Now I feel sorry for Will Giddings but he'll be taken care of. (Duncan covers the speaker on the phone) But I am not going to concern myself with a fire in a storage room on 81 because it can't possibly affect us up here. Not in this building! Now have someone call me when the fire department arrives. In the meantime, get in your dinner jacket and come on up here and join the party. Now come on! (Duncan hangs up)
Doug Roberts: I mean-(Roberts angrily hangs up)

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