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Roger Simmons: Hi Doug. Honey.
Patty Duncan Simmons: Hello.
Roger Simmons: What are you drinking these days?
Doug Roberts: Nothing right now.
Roger Simmons: Well, welcome back from the wilderness. To what do we owe the pleasure?
Doug Roberts: Callahan was testing a backup generator. There was a power surge and a systems failure.
Roger Simmons: How can that be?
Doug Roberts: Well it can't be, theoretically. Unless you've been screwing around with the electrical specifications.
Roger Simmons: That's being rather blunt, isn't it?
Doug Roberts: You betcha.
Roger Simmons: Well then you'll understand my being equally blunt. What the hell business is it of yours anyway?
Doug Roberts: Well I'm just wondering what kind of kickbacks were involved.
Roger Simmons: I don't have to take crap from you.
Doug Roberts: Now listen. We had an electrical flare-up in the main utility room. It looked to me like some of that wiring wasn't exactly what I asked for.
Roger Simmons: Every piece of wire I put in that building is strictly up to code, inspected and approved.
Doug Roberts: The code's not enough for that building. And you know it. That's why I asked for installations that were way, way above standard!
Roger Simmons: Buddy you live in a dream world. I deal in realities.
Doug Roberts: I want your wiring diagrams and copies of your work orders.
Roger Simmons: It would take weeks to get that all together and someone with a lot more clout than you to make me do it!
Doug Roberts: In my office, tomorrow, 9:00. (Roberts leaves)
Patty Duncan Simmons: They say he used to wrestle grizzly bears in Montana. Of course he was younger then, probably in better condition.
Roger Simmons: You must have enjoyed all this immensely.
Patty Duncan Simmons: No, I didn't. Actually, I'm depressed for both of us.
Roger Simmons: What did you expect me do - punch him in the nose?
Patty Duncan Simmons: Roger, if you've done anything to Dad's building, God help you!
Roger Simmons: Baby I don't need God's help, or your old man's, not anymore. So don't expect me to shake everytime Daddy barks, even if that's what you want me to do.
Patty Duncan Simmons: All I want is the man I thought I married! But I guess we're running out of reasons to stay married, aren't we?
Roger Simmons: It's getting late. We mustn't miss the party.

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