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(Doug and Will stride into Jim Duncan's office with the burned-out wire from the basement)
James Duncan: I know, I know. Callahan called me. Now just how bad is it?
Doug Roberts: Depends on how good your imagination is. (Roberts drops the burned wire on Duncan's desk) Jesus Christ. Specs called for Conduit safety covering!
James Duncan: How many fuse terminals did you check?
Doug Roberts: How many do I have to?
(Intercom buzzes)
James Duncan: Yes?
Duncan's Secretary: Mr. Bigelow's here, sir.
James Duncan: Ok, send him in. Now Doug, one piece of scorched wire from a burned-out circuit breaker is hardly conclusive.
Doug Roberts: Maybe not. But after that I'm worried about what other shocks we're in for!
(Dan Bigelow walks into the office)
Dan Bigelow: Will, Doug, J.D., wait 'til you see this. (Bigelow opens a box containing golden scissors for the Tower's dedication but the men do not react) What happened? Somebody hang the wallpaper upside down?
James Duncan: We have an equipment problem.
Dan Bigelow: No problem in the Tower is there?
Doug Roberts: Could be.
James Duncan: Oh now come on Doug. You're just guessing!
Doug Roberts: Alright I'm just guessing. But I wanna talk to that son-in-law of yours and I wanna talk to him right away.
James Duncan: Ok. (Talking to his secretary on the intercom) Get me Roger Simmons.
Duncan's Secretary: Yes, sir.
Will Giddings: We're going to check this thing out Mr. Duncan, I guarantee you.
James Duncan: Sure, sure, we're all going to check it out.
Dan Bigelow: (clearly confused) I'm missing something.
Doug Roberts: We damn near had a fire.
(Bigelow shoots a look of genuine surprise at Doug)
Doug Roberts: Yeah. A fire.
Dan Bigelow: In this building? Come on.
Will Giddings: You know we haven't even finished installing the safety equipment? The party should have been put off for at least another month...
James Duncan: (Duncan cuts Giddings off) Now hold it Will, hold it! Everybody's overreacting! (Intercom buzzes) Yes?
Duncan's Secretary: Mr. Simmons is out, sir.
James Duncan: (clearly frustrated at this development) Out where?
Duncan's Secretary: They don't know, sir, but I left word for him to call.
James Duncan: (to his secretary) Ok. (pauses before speaking to Doug) We'll talk to Roger tomorrow. And then we'll decide what to do, that's ok isn't it?
Doug Roberts: No, it won't wait! (Roberts and Giddings leave)

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