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[during an argument at MI6 headquarters]
Admiral Roebuck: That's preposterous! We know exactly where that ship was positioned! The GPS system - Global Positioning Satellites do not lie!
M: Yes, but our Singapore station picked up a mysterious signal - on the GPS frequency at the time of the attack. It could have sent that ship off course.
Roebuck: I have a missing British frigate-
M: I'm aware of that!
Roebuck: And instead of decisive action, all you want to do is-
M: My goal is to prevent World War III, Admiral, and I don't think sending an armada into the recovery area is the best way to do it.
Defense Minister: Where exactly did this mysterious GPS signal come from?
M: We're still investigating.
Roebuck: "Investigating". With all due respect, M, sometimes I don't think you have the balls for this job!
M: Perhaps. But the advantage is, I don't have to think with them all the time.
Defense Minister: That's enough. Now where do we stand?
Roebuck: It was an unprovoked attack held in international waters. We send in the fleet for recovery and prepare for full retaliation!
M: Moderation. We investigate and stop short of sending the entire British Navy within 10 minutes of the world's largest air force.
Defense Minister: When will our ships be in position?
Roebuck: 48 hours.
Defense Minister: Great. The press are already screaming for blood; the last thing we want to do is escalate the situation.
James Bond: [arrives with a copy of the Tomorrow newspaper] I'm afraid it may be too late to worry about that.
Defense Minister: [reads the paper] "Seventeen British sailors murdered"?! "According to Vietnamese officials who recovered the bodies, the victims were riddled with the same ammunition used by the Chinese Air Force."
M: Did you leak this?
Roebuck: NO! This is the first I've heard of it.
Defense Minister: Well, this settles it. We send in the fleet. M, you have 48 hours to investigate.
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