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[Tom and Jerry have just told Robyn that her father is alive.]
Robyn: He's alive? My daddy's alive? I've got to go find him. [Opens her drawer] He might be hurt. [Pulls clothing out of the drawer and throws them aside]
[As Robyn throws the clothing out of the drawer, a sock flies into Jerry's face. He removes it. Robyn throws a hat onto Tom's head.]
Robyn: [Takes the hat off Tom's head and puts it on her own head] I better wear a hat. [Sits on her bed and pulls her sock up]
Jerry: Tibet?
Robyn: If that's where my daddy is, that's where I'm going.
Tom: Do you have any idea where Tibet is?
Robyn: No.
[Robyn pulls the bedsheets off the bed.]
Jerry: It's– It's way, way, way out there.
Robyn: Put your finger here, please.
[Tom puts his finger on the knot, allowing Robyn to tie the line to the bed post.]
Tom: It's– It's across the river.
Jerry: Into the woods.
Tom: Over the hills.
Jerry: It's past Cleveland.
Robyn: [Picks the bedsheets up] Here, Tom. [Throws the line of bedsheets to Tom] Throw this end out the window.
[Tom walks over to the window, opens it, and drops the line of bedsheets down the front of the house. Robyn puts her backpack on. She looks down to the ground, then climbs down the line. Robyn lands on the ground. Tom and Jerry look down from the window.]
Robyn: Tom, hurry!
[Tom starts to climb down the line. Jerry hops onto his paws.]
Jerry: Down, please.
Tom: I'll give you down.
[Tom grabs Jerry. Jerry points down. Tom looks down and realizes he has let go of the line. Tom and Jerry fall to the ground. Figg wakes up, turns the lamp on, and removes her sleeping eye pieces. She sees the line of bedsheets hanging outside her window.]
Aunt Pristine Figg: She's escaped again! I've got to call Lickboot. [Picks her phone up]

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