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[Tom, Jerry, and Robyn are sitting near a fire under a bridge.]
Jerry: So your name's Robyn and you ran away from home.
Robyn: How did you know?
Jerry: Your name's on your locket. [Points at Robyn's locket]
Robyn: Oh, yes. It's Robyn Starling. I'm afraid I don't have a home anymore. I– I'm an orphan. My mother died when I was a baby.
Jerry: What about your father? What happened to him?
Robyn: My father's on an expedition climbing a mountain, when the snow gave way in an– av– ava–
Tom: Avalanche?
Robyn: [Starts to cry] Uh-huh, and he was the most wonderful father in the world. [Opens her locket and shows Tom and Jerry pictures of herself and her father] We had our own secret place just for the two of us, and–
Jerry: And that's where you were going?
Robyn: Uh-huh, and to get away from my Aunt Figg. She's not really my aunt, just my guardian. But she's taken over the house. She moved me into the attic and gave my room to her dog Ferdinand.
Tom: Ferdinand?
Robyn: Aunt Figg was always calling me orphan. She even stole my locket and threw it out the window, but I climbed down and found it, and– and–
Jerry: Kept on running.
Robyn: As fast as I could, and I'm never going back.
Tom: Oh, smart, real smart, kid. You got a roof over your head, three sure meals a day, a warm bed. Who'd wanna leave that?
Jerry: I hate to admit it, Robyn, but Tom's right. You never know what you're missing till you don't have it.
Robyn: You don't know Aunt Figg. She seems sweet, but underneath, she's mean, real mean.
Jerry: Aw, come on. I'll bet she's frantic looking for you.
Tom: Oh, sure. She's crying her eyes out for you right this minute.

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