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[Jerry has just saved Tom from the alley cats.]
Jerry: You okay, pal?
Tom: Yeah. I'm okay. But don't call me pal.
[Tom walks off, leaving Jerry dejected. Tom stops walking.]
Tom: Come on, mouse.
[Tom resumes walking, with Jerry walking behind him. As Tom and Jerry walk towards a bridge, a shadow looms behind them. Tom and Jerry notice and hide on the side of the bridge. After the shadow passes them, Tom and Jerry look up to see Robyn run across the bridge. Robyn looks around to see if no one was following her, then goes towards the stairs. Tom and Jerry climb back onto the bridge. They go towards the steps. Robyn jumps down the stairs and hides under the bridge. As Jerry climbs down the steps, Tom tip-toes down the steps. Tom accidentally hits a can, causing it to bounce down the steps. The can rolls over to Robyn's foot. As Tom makes it to the bottom, Robyn swings her backpack at him, but he dodges.]
Tom: Whoa! Hold it! Hold it!
Robyn: Who– Who are you?
Tom: Nobody.
Jerry: [Hops onto Tom's hand] Just us. He's Tom, and I'm Jerry.
Robyn: Oh. I thought you were somebody else. I thought you were following me.
Tom: Heck no.
Robyn: Well, then, what are you doing out here?
Tom: We're lost and we're looking for something to eat.
Jerry: Yeah. We're kinda hungry.
Robyn: Oh, well, um– [Opens her backpack and takes an apple and a plastic bag of cookies out] I've got cookies and an apple and–

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