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Morgan: [about Pierre Velmar] Just how are you gonna get him away?
De Bursac: You don't think much of me, Captain Morgan. You're wondering why they have chosen me for this mission. I wonder too. As you know, I'm not a brave man. On the contrary, I'm always frightened. I wish I could borrow your nature for a while, Captain. When you meet danger, you never think of anything except how you will cir****vent it. The word 'failure' does not even exist for you, while I - I think always 'suppose I fail' and then I'm frightened.
Morgan: Yeah, I can easily see how it wouldn't take much courage to get a notorious patriot off Devil's Island, but uh, just for professional reasons, I'd like to know how you're gonna do it.
De Bursac: We will find a way. It might fail, and if it does, and I'm-I'm still alive, I will try to pass on my information, my mission, to someone else. Perhaps to a better man who does not fail, because there's always someone else. That is the mistake the Germans always make with people they try to destroy. There will be always someone else...Originally, we planned to do everything from here, but then because of my own clumsiness, it was impossible. And that's the reason we have to go with you.
Morgan: Well, I couldn't even get you on the dock. They've got a man down there watching. There's one upstairs. They're all over the place. How would I get you through the streets?
De Bursac: How will you go?
Morgan: They're watching me to find you. As long as I haven't got you along, I can at least get on the boat. There'll be a fog again, and the tide will turn a little after midnight. I can cut loose and drift out beyond the breakwater before I start my engines. I'll still have trouble enough even without you...
De Bursac: Captain Morgan is right. This is not his fight, yet. Someday I hope, it may be because we could use him. You have done enough for us already. Gerard told me of your refusing Renard's offer to give us up.
Morgan: How do you know I won't do it yet?
De Bursac: There are many things a man will do, but betrayal for a price is not one of yours.
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