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God Himself could not sink this ship. You must promise me that you'll survive, that you won't give up, no matter what happens, no matter how hopeless. A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets. But now you know there was a man named Jack Dawson, and that he saved me in every way that a person can be saved. Lovett: Louis XVI wore a fabulous stone that was called the Blue Diamond of the Crown, which disappeared in 1792, about the same time old Louis lost everything from the neck up. The theory goes that the crown diamond was chopped too... recut into a heart-like shape that became known as the Heart of the Ocean. Today it would be worth more than the Hope Diamond.
Old Rose: It was a dreadful, heavy thing. I only wore it this once.
Lizzy: [looking at Rose's drawing] You actually believe this is you, Nana?
Old Rose: It is me, dear. Wasn't I a dish?
Lovett: I tracked it down through insurance records. An old claim that was settled under terms of absolute secrecy. Can you tell me who the claimant was, Rose?
Old Rose: I should imagine someone named Hockley.
Lovett: Nathan Hockley, that's right. Pittsburgh steel tycoon. The claim was for a diamond necklace his son, Caledon, bought his fiancée. You. A week before he sailed on Titanic. It was filed right after the sinking, so the diamond had to have gone down with the ship. See the date?
Lizzy: "April 14, 1912".
Bodine: Which means, if your grandmother is who she says she is, she was wearing the diamond the day the Titanic sank.
Lovett: [to old Rose] And that makes you my new best friend.
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