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Titanic (1953)

Titanic (1953) quotes

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Richard Sturges

View Quote Earl Meeker: Hey, you can't come up here. This is reserved for first class only.
Richard Sturges: Really. I'll do my best to behave properly.
View Quote Julia Sturges: [after losing the argument with their daughter, who decides to go with her father] Thank you, Richard. You were most helpful. Now you see why I wanted to steal a little more time.
Richard Sturges: Please, Julia. Let's not bicker, since there's no love lost between us.
Julia Sturges: That's the tragic part, Richard. There's been so much love lost between us.
View Quote Julia Sturges: Oh Richard, where did we miss out on each other? I beg your pardon, Sir. I put you down as a useless man, someone to lead a cotillion.
Richard Sturges: After all, it was my major talent.
Julia Sturges: I'm sorry, sorry about everything.
Richard Sturges: We have no time to catalog our regrets. All we can do is pretend 20 years didn't happen. It's June again. You were walking under some Elm trees in a white muslin dress, the loveliest creature I ever laid eyes on. That summer, when I asked you to marry me, I pledged my eternal devotion. I would take it as a very great favor Julia, if you would accept a restatement of that pledge.
[They embrace passionately]
View Quote Maude Young: I've seen that look before. He's a runaway.
Earl Meeker: From what, some woman?
Maude Young: No, he's running too fast for that.
View Quote Stoker: Don't go in there, sir. The starboard boiler's gone and the port one's about to go.
Rev. Healey: Are there men in there?
Stoker: A few, pinned under the rig. For God's sake mister, don't go in there.
Rev. Healey: For God's sake, I am going in there.
View Quote [after a crewman plays a trumpet to announce dinner] Why do the British find it necessary to announce dinner as if it were a calvalry charge.
View Quote [to Annette and Norman in their lifejackets] You two look fat and funny in those, sort of like Tweedledum and Tweedledee.
View Quote [to Julia] Twenty years ago I made the unpardonable error of thinking I could civilize a girl who bought her hats out of a Sears-Roebuck catalog.