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Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation

Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation quotes

41 total quotes

View Quote Buster: "I do this water thing to Babsy throughout the whole video."
View Quote Buster: "I gotcha! I gotcha!"
Babs: "But who's got you?"
Buster and Babs: (scream)
Superman: "I do, kids!"
Buster: "Hey, pal, this is our story!"
Babs: "Yeah! Get your own video!"
Superman: "It's your call."
(He drops them.)
View Quote Buster: "Over here, Barbara Anne Bunny!"
Babs: "DON'T CALL ME THAT!!!!"
View Quote Buster: "The bridge is out!"
Babs: "Oh, Buster, I never got a chance to tell you..."
Buster: "Shhh. I feel the same way."
View Quote Buster: "You know, Babsy, in this moonlight you look just like... Morey Amsterdam."
Babs: "Morey Amsterdam?!?!"
(Buster soaks her again.)
View Quote Dizzy: "In summer, Dizzy shed. If Dizzy spin, Dizzy be naked."
View Quote Elmyra (Inside her parents' car): "Why my kitty ran away?! I want a kitty-witty head!"
Announcer: "Welcome to Wild Safari Zoo. For your safety, please make sure that all your doors and windows remain locked at all times. Because you know, wild animals can be very, very dangerous."
Elmyra (Looks out the window): "Aminals?" (Sees a cheetah) "Ooh! A kitty! Or to be more precise, a cheetah." (Presses her hands on the window glass) "Kitty, kitty, kitty!"
Announcer: "We hope you are enjoying Wild Safari Zoo. May I repeat, so that Warner Bros. won't get sued if anyone really does this..." (Elmyra unbuckles her seat belt and opens the car door window) " not get out of the car!"
Elmyra (Steps partially outside the car on the windowsill and jumps out anyway and lands on the ground) "Bye-bye!" (The car disappears in the distance) "I'll just die if I don't get a kitty! It's my obsession."
View Quote Elmyra (reading from a book): "And the most feared predator in the jungle is... ME!" (laughs) "Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me!" (The animals all run away.) "Animals can be so capricious."
View Quote Fowlmouth: "Hmmm. Goobers or Raisinettes? Goobers or Raisinettes? Ain't that' the eternal question?" (Gets kicked out of the line by the angry customer he skipped) "Guess I'll never know the eternal answer!"
View Quote Gogo (dressed as a baseball umpire): "YER OUT!!! Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo!"
View Quote Hamton: During summer, I will see the sights!
Elmyra: I will get a kitty and squeeze him tight.
Fifi: I shall find ze skunk hunk of my dreams.
Elmyra: Wanna hug that kitty till he screams!
Furrball: Meow!
View Quote Happy World Land song lyrics
Happy World Land! Happy World Land!
Where the fun doesn't stop
At only eighty bucks a pop
In beautiful Happy World Land!
Welcome to a land
Where the fun never stops
We have six thrill rides
And four hundred gift shops
The smiles are always rosey
The sky is always blue
This is Happy World Land
Where all your dreams come true!
View Quote Pig Family: (singing) "67 bottles of non-alcoholic beverage on the wall, 67 bottles of non-alcoholic beverage, if one of those bottles should happen to fall, 66 bottles of non-alcoholic beverage on the wall."
Plucky Duck: "Sheesh. The Von Trap Family they ain't! Eh, call me picky, but isn't that song actually 100 Bottles of Beer On the Wall? "
Winnie Pig: "We don't drink in our family, Plucky!"
View Quote Plucky (After getting flattened by the Pig Family's car): "I think the left front tire is a little low."
View Quote Plucky: "Are we anywhere remotely near HappyWorldLand yet?
Wade: "No, but if you're bored, we could always play..."
Hamton: "Spot the car? Spot the car?"
Wade: "Heh heh. Spot the car."
Hamton: "Whee!"
Plucky: "Oh, you mean, like, spot the red cars, or the cars with out-of-state plates?"
Hamton: "No, any car!"
Wade: "Here they come!"
Pig Family (While jumping up and down): "There's a car! There's a car! There's a car! There's a car!" (Laugh)
Plucky (Flattened): "Fun game."
Winnie: "Look! here come some more!"
Pig Family: "There's a car! There's a car! There's a car! There's a... whoops. Truck!" (Laugh)
Plucky: "Shoot me."