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Secretary: Undersecretary Lacon is ready for you, Sir Percy.
Lacon: The treasurer can't understand why can't the intelligence service simply put in a request for a general increase in funding and then you'll account for the spend on your special operation?
Alleline: Operation 'Witchcraft' needs to remain a secret; it's a fiefdom of its own.
Lacon: Yes, that's what's winding us; whole thing's very unaccountable isn't it? This London house that no one knows the address of, is that really necessary?
Alleline: Now more than ever, we need to protect our Soviet source.
Roy Bland: [lights a cigarette.] So where do you propose we meet in a café?
Lacon: The rent and rates on this house have... Doubled.
Bland: We spent millions on nuclear warheads, we're asking for a few thousand for a house. I wonder if Karla has the same problem with the treasury at the Kremlin.
Lacon: Look, nobody underestimates the importance of the jobs you chaps are doing.What happened in Budapest last year... That was a disaster.
Bland: With respect, sir, that wasn't one of your civil servants that got killed, was it? Now this isn't about soldiers in trenches anymore. We're the frontline now...
Alleline: Roy...
Bland: ...for 25 years we've been the only ones standing between them and Karla and Moscow and the third bloody world war!
Lacon: Look, the minister is very pleased with your progress so far. He's less pleased though, with our progress with our American cousins. You see, in their eyes... You're still a leaky ship.
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