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Tin Cup

Tin Cup quotes

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Dr. Molly Griswold
Multiple Characters
Romeo Posar
Roy McAvoy

Clint: [about Molly] That's a pretty girl to have such an ugly swing.

David Simms: Can you people not see that I'm busy? I'm working. This is my office. Do I come to your office and ask for an autograph? I don't think so. Jesus. What an ugly dog.

Doreen: [to Molly] You're not one of those women who tries to fix men, I hope. I mean, men cannot be fixed, and especially him.

Earl: [about Roy] The word normal and him don't often collide in the same sentence.

Jim Nantz: Unbelievable. McAvoy has done it. You just saw the greatest round in U.S. Open history. The all-time lowest round in a major doesn't belong to a Jack Nicklaus or an Arnold Palmer, Hogan, or Sneed. It's been shot by the most improbable artist. Roy McAvoy has his signature on golf's all-time masterpiece round.

TV Director: Another driving range pro, it's all we needed. It's heroes that I need. Not obscure driving range pros.

Doreen: No, no, no. This is what always happens. He's going for it.
Molly: Go for it!
Doreen: Molly, get a grip. He only needs par to tie. Tell him to lay up.
Molly: Go for it, Roy! Just knock it on!
Doreen: This is why we broke up. He always went for it.
Molly: My problem is, I've never been with a man who went for it.
Doreen: Honey, he's your guy.

Earl: You the man, Roy. You are definitely the man.
Clint: The man needs a ride home.

Molly: All you have to do is walk up to this, this woman, wherever she is, look her in the eye -- look at me, Roy -- just look her in the eyes, that's right, let down your guard, and don't try to be cool or smooth or whatever; just be honest and take a risk. And you know what, whatever happens, if you act from the heart, you can't make a mistake.
Roy: Dr. Griswold...
Molly: Yes?
Roy: I think I'm in love with you.
Molly: What?
Roy: From the moment I first saw you, I knew I was through with bar girls and... strippers and motorcycle chicks, and... when we first started talking I was smitten with you, and I'm smitten with you more every day I think about you, and the fact that you know I'm full of crapola only makes you more attractive to me. Usually I can bullshit people, but I can't bullshit you, and in addition you got, you got great legs, and most women I'm thinking about how to get in their pants from day one, but with you I'm just I'm just thinking about how to get into your heart. Stunned?
Molly: So...
Roy: So what about dinner and we can talk about us and if we have a future and how to drop that horse's ass boyfriend of yours.

Molly: Can I ask you a question? If you're such a legendary golfer, as everyone says...then why are you, at your age, out here in the sticks...operating a barely-solvent business, ducking the IRS...collecting a few dollars for beer when you're capable of much more?
Roy: Perhaps I'm chock-full of inner demons.
Molly: No. You're chock-full of bullshit.

Molly: Doreen, how did he get the name Tin Cup?
Doreen: Oh, he was the catcher on the high school baseball team. The star pitcher had a big-league curve... not all of his pitches hit Roy in the mitt, ouch. The team thought Tin Cup was a whole lot better than Clank.

Molly: I take it you're a feminist.
Roy: I've been called many things, but never been saddled with that.
Molly: You might try being saddled. Smell of leather, a whip's sting.
Roy: I'm just a humble golf pro.

Molly: I've got money from the bet. Let's go somewhere fancy and celebrate.
Roy: There's nothing to celebrate. Besides, these are my people. I'm a Waffle House guy. Got to stay in touch with that.

Molly: Mr. McAvoy, I can appreciate that you have a fairly laid-back lifestyle, but I have hours to keep.
Roy: All right. A former paramour once ascribed my fluid sense of time to being born under the sign of Pisces. Something about floating through the universe.
Molly: Oh, you amuse me, Roy. But I'm the only woman born after World War II who thinks astrology's bullshit.

Molly: Roy, Roy... why are you here?
Roy: Therapy.
Molly: You've come for therapy? Okay, look, Roy, you know, you really need to make an appointment. Because I have a client in a half an hour.
Roy: That's enough time. Thirty minutes? Hell, I'm not THAT ****ed up.