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Three Musketeers, The (1973)

Three Musketeers, The (1973) quotes

24 total quotes


View Quote Buckingham: If anyone should try to follow us, would you be so good as to kill him? Thank you.
View Quote Cardinal's Guard: [D'Artagnan has just torn a carpet in an attempt to trip the guards] He's torn our carpet!
View Quote M. Bonancieux: Well, I don't want to be sent to the Bastille, me, because it's got very deep dungeons and terrible instruments of torture, operated by very unsympathetic men! And they snip very important parts off people!
View Quote Partygoer: [Of the wine fountain at the King's soirée] Keep going, Reggie, it's filling up!
View Quote Rochefort: [to d'Artagnan] If you were a gentleman, I would speak to you. I was speaking at you.
View Quote Beggar: Money for a blind --oof! [Constance has blundered into him] Watch where you're goin', darlin'...all right, dear. [D'artangan passes by] Money for a for a for a cripple... [D'artagnan is gone and Planchet follows] Money for a cripple? Money for a cripple??
Planchet: Me? Not your day, is it?
Beggar: Money for an orphan???
View Quote Buckingham: [showing the diamond studs] O'Reilly -- put a price on these: each one, their worth.
O'Reilly: Oh, umm...not English. Not English, no. I'd say...ah...five hundred pounds.
Buckingham: How long to make two of them?
O'Reilly: Oh, ah, um, oooh...a week?
Buckingham: I'll pay you five thousand pounds each if they're finished the day after tomorrow!
O'Reilly: Done!
View Quote Milady: Your Eminence is a great player -- great enough to lose. I do not like to lose.
Richelieu: You must suit yourself, Milady. But if, at the end, you should -- do it with a becoming grace.
View Quote Porthos: [Of his new golden baldric] It's gold belting all the way 'round!
Aramis: Astonishing! There is enough gold in France to stretch all that distance?
Musketeer: May I lift the costly cloak to admire the belt more?
Porthos: [hastily] No, no, sir, your pardon, sir -- I have a cold.
Aramis: Discretion being the better part of vanity!
Porthos: I don't understand! I know the one about valor, but I don't agree. I can't agree to be discreet about how valiant I am. Shouldn't be asked.
View Quote Porthos: [On riding with D'artagnan to recover the Queen's diamonds] May one ask -- delicately -- the cause in which we're expected to die?
Aramis: When you go on a campaign, does the King give his reasons? He says, "Porthos, fight!" and you fight.
Porthos: Oh, I do, I do!
Aramis: Then let's go and be killed where we're told to! Is life worth so many questions?
View Quote Porthos: Are you fighting this, ah, fellow? But I'm fighting him myself!
D'artagnan: But not 'til one o'clock!
Aramis: Oh, no, no, no, I'm fighting him this afternoon!
D'artagnan: At two o'clock, sir!
Athos: How long have you been in Paris?
D'artagnan: Since eight o'clock this morning.
Athos: You waste little time, sir!
D'artagnan: My father recommended I fight duels.
Athos: [laughs] Well, let us hope you can do him some credit!
View Quote Richelieu: Do you know your accuser? Who brought you here?
M. Bonacieux: [pointing at Rochefort] That! That is the man!
Richelieu: Take him away!
M. Bonacieux: That is not the man! It was another man altogether!!!
View Quote Richelieu: If I had blundered as you do, my head would fall.
Rochefort: I would say, from a greater height than mine, Your Eminence.
View Quote [Athos is having his shoulder wound treated]
Doctor: It's a very clean sword-thrust. A souvenir of the Cardinal's Guard, eh, M. Athos?
Athos: You're a liar. It's the smallpox.
Doctor: One sees that immediately...
Athos: Don't pretend you know one from the other -- or that it would make any difference to your treatment if you did!
View Quote [D'artagnan has relieved Rochefort of his pass to England]
Sea Captain: But this pass is only for one person.
D'artagnan: I am only one person. [Indicating Planchet] This is a servant!
Sea Captain: I see. All right.