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View Quote [seeing Donald and José for this first time] Aha, my friends! ¡Bienvenidos, cuentos! [shakes their hands wildly] Welcome to Mexico! Son of a gun, it's a pleasure to see such fine gentlemen in Mexico. [pulls out two sombreros from atop his own and tosses them to Donald and Jose] Here Amigos! Donald, José... [they put the sombreros on their heads; laughs] Caramba! Now we're three gay caballeros.
View Quote [talking about Las Posadas] This custom takes place on each of the nine days before Christmas. Each evening, the children gather at the village church and form a procession, symbolizing the journey of Mary and Joseph from Nazareth to Bethlehem. The little ones carry images of the saints from house to house, singing a plea for shelter, or posada. A reply comes from within, "No posada. No shelter." Looking sad and downhearted, they try again. But the reply is still the same: "No shelter. No posada." They repeat the song time after time, and always they are refused, until at last they finally reach a house, and the door is open. "Come in, come in, holy pilgrims. This humble home is yours." And now, Mary and Joseph have found shelter at last. Then the rejoicing begins, the feasting, the celebrating, and finally, the biggest surprise of all, breaking the pinata.
View Quote Did you know that the history Mexico is in her flag? Oh, yes. You see, many hundreds of years ago, the god of the Aztecs commanded them to build a big city where they would find an eagle destroying a serpent. But when they find this eagle, he was sitting on a cactus, on top of a rock, way out in the middle of a lake. Caramba, to build a city here would be almost impossible. But they built and built and built some more, until today, believe or not, the lake is full of Mexico City.
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