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The Psychiatrist quotes

View Quote Has it occurred to you that you have a problem with trust?
View Quote Thomas Crown: May I ask you a very personal question?
Catherine Banning: Why not.
Thomas Crown: Would you like another hit of espresso?
[Catherine looks confused.]
Thomas Crown: Would you..
Catherine Banning: another hit of espresso, that's the very personal question?
Thomas Crown: That's as good as it gets.
Catherine Banning: Excuse me, may I ask you a very personal question?
Thomas Crown: Oh sure, by all means.
Catherine Banning: Do you really think I am going to sleep with the man I am investigating?
Thomas Crown: Is that the question?
Catherine Banning: Yes that's it.
Thomas Crown: Now why should I answer your question when you didn't seriously commit to my espresso?
Catherine Banning: All right, then I'll seriously commit to your espresso.
View Quote Catherine Banning: What makes you think they failed? Maybe it was a successful robbery. Maybe they were setup to fail.
Detective McCann: Why?
Catherine Banning: Diversion, make a lot of noise over there so over here in this room you can take a hundred million off the wall and waltz right out the front door. Oh that's good.
View Quote Catherine Banning: You complimented me.
Thomas Crown: How?
Catherine Banning: They were bankers.
Thomas Crown: Who?
Catherine Banning: Who? The suits. You're transferring assets. Getting ready to run.
Thomas Crown: Suppose I did run. What would you have? Not the painting, not the five million dollar fee, and not me.
Catherine Banning: Yes.
Thomas Crown: Suppose I gave you ten.
Catherine Banning: To fail? How would I hide it?
Thomas Crown: I'd teach you.
Catherine Banning: You really think there's happily ever after for people like us?
View Quote Catherine Banning: That island isn't Manhattan.
Thomas Crown: It's not?
Catherine Banning: I have appointments.
Thomas Crown: Wanna keep 'em?
View Quote Catherine Banning: Oh! This must go over!
Thomas Crown: With whom?
Catherine Banning: Whoever you bring here.
Thomas Crown: I never bring anyone here.
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