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Jay Baruchel: [after he, Seth, and James are attacked by a group of cannibals and everything comes to a halt when Danny comes out of the truck] Danny?
Danny McBride: What the ****?! You guys are still alive?!
Seth Rogen: Yeah!
Danny McBride: Holy shit, I didn't expect that. [tugs on his leash] **** out here. [On the other side of the leash is a gimp complete with a luchador mask, hockey pads and a thong coming out of the truck] Shit, I can't believe you guys are here! That's ****in' crazy! And your timing couldn't be more perfect. It's been a long time since any of us have eaten. And you three gentlemen look delicious.
Jay Baruchel: What does that have to do with us?
James Franco: The **** you talking about?
Danny McBride: [laughs] I'm a cannibal hombre! We're gonna ****ing eat your ass!
Seth Rogen: **** you, you can't eat us, **** that, man!
Danny McBride: I do whatever the **** I want, WHEN I WANT! I've butt-****ed this dude. See that? I ****in' slide right in that shit, I do whatever I want. This is my gimp! Channing, introduce yourself.
[The gimp lifts his mask, revealing himself as Channing Tatum]
Channing Tatum: Hey, wassup guys? Y'all cool?
James Franco: That's Channing Tatum!
Seth Rogen: That's Channing Tatum, dude, what the ****?!
Danny McBride: Channing ****ing Tatum, I found him wandering on the freeway, I collected him and made him my bitch, get off my dick. I call him "Channing Tate-yum."
James Franco: Hardcore, man.
[after James taunts Danny, the rapture beam disappears and James falls back down on the ground]
Seth Rogen: Oh shit.
James Franco: [horrified] What happened?! What did I do?! Take me back! WHAT DID I DO?!
Danny McBride: I'll tell you what happened, Franco! You don't get to get sucked up into Heaven 'cause you were being petty! Tom Petty. You may not have invited me to your party, but you're the guest of honor at mine.
James Franco: What? NOOOOOO! [Seth and Jay watch in sheer horror and disgust as Danny and Channing bite down on Franco's face and rips off his nose]
Danny McBride: [holding up James' severed nose] HOW ****ING CRAZY IS THIS?! [shrieks]
James Franco: [last words] DANNY, NOOOOOO!
[the cannibals then eat Franco up to his death]
Danny McBride: SETH! JAY! [three of the cannibals begin to chase Seth and Jay]
Jay Baruchel: Oh shit, they're running after us!
Seth Rogen: Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit, run!
Danny McBride: [last words] BRING THEM TO ME!
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