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Danny McBride: You stupid. Stupid mother...!
[nearly shoots James, Jonah, Jay, Seth and Craig numerous times which causes them to get scared to death]
James Franco: ****ing psychopath. It's a prop gun! What, do you think I'd put real bullets in here?
Danny McBride: You were gonna send me out there with a ****ing gun filled with blanks?
Seth Rogen: Oh, **** you! Don't turn this around on us. You tried to shoot us, you ****ing dickhead!
James Franco: ****ing murdering mother****er!
Danny McBride: Whatever. ****ing civilization is broken down. There's no more reason for this false bullshit. You guys act like you're so ****ing high and mighty like you've never made a goddamn mistake before. Franco, you're some pretentious ****ing nerd.
James Franco: **** you.
Danny McBride: Jonah... you ****ing ****. [Jonah glares at him offensively] Craig... you didn't have my back back there. You ****ing disappoint me.
Craig Robinson: Bro.
Danny McBride: Seth... you duplicitous taint.
Seth Rogen: What?
Danny McBride: And of course, there's Jay... the self-righteous, ****-sucking, two-faced backstabber.
Jay Baruchel: What the **** are you talking about?
Danny McBride: I overheard your little conversation with Craig, alright? The only reason why you care about any of us is because you think that's what God wants you to do. You don't give a shit about us.
Jay Baruchel: No, no, no. That-that's ****ing twisting that shit around, you're ****ing lying.
Danny McBride: Am I twisting this? I believe you were in Los Angeles two months ago at the four seasons. I saw you there, and you specifically asked me not to tell Seth, so you could maintain the illusion that you always stay with Seth when you're in Los Angeles.
Craig Robinson: Ooh! Jay.
Seth Rogen: ****, man.
Danny McBride: It's not, it's textbook twattage. [opens his hands like a book and closes them] And just for the record, you guys. I'm choosing to leave. You're not kicking me out. You guys had already said that I could come back in, and I'm the one who said that I'm not coming back. Don't be ****y.
[backs out of the double doors]
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