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The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones

The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones quotes

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View Quote Mr. Slate: Flintstone, You, Rubble, and Your weirdo Cousin GET OUT OF MY SIGHT FOREVER!
Barney: Uh, Fred, does this mean we're fired again?
Fred: GRRR!
View Quote Fred: It's the time machine, Mr. Spacely - It's kaputt!
Barney: Yeah, and they can't kaputt it back together again!
View Quote George: That's grass. I read about it in ancient history.
View Quote Mr. Slate: [after he knocks Barney wig off] Rubble! Hold on, you phony! Barney Rubble is your girlfriend?!
Fred: Oh After all these years sir, I can't believe you're not a Woman.
Mr. Slate: [Rips Fred's Moustache off] Well, can you believe you're both fired, Flintstone?!
Fred: Oh!
View Quote Mr. Spacely: Jetson, there's a leak around here and I want it stopped.
George: Yes, sir. I know a very good plumber: Mr. Skywrench.
Mr. Spacely: An *industrial* leak, you molecule brain! And don't play innocent with me, Jetson. I have my suspicions where that leak is coming from, and it's you!
George: Me?
Mr. Spacely: How else can I explain Cogswell stealing every major project I come up with right from under my nose?
George: Well, I... I... I...
Mr. Spacely: Darn right it's you, you, you!
George: But sir...
Mr. Spacely: I spent a fortune romancing General Blackhole just to get that secret contract to the Interstellar Lunar Probe. Nobody else knew it existed, but are they using Spacely Sprockets? No! They're using Cogswell Cogs!
George: How do you suppose Mr. Cogswell got wind of it, Mr. Spacely?
Mr. Spacely: From a windbag like you, Jetson!
R.U.D.I.: No, no...
Mr. Spacely: [to R.U.D.I] I told you to butt out! [R.U.D.I. tunes out] Cogswell's beaten me out of every one of my secret projects, from the Lunar Probe to the Humphrey Bogart Lookalike sprocket for the nostalgia buffs.
R.U.D.I.: [tuning in momentarily] Too bad, sweetheart.
George: Uh, what can we do, boss?
Mr. Spacely: Not me, you, Jetson! You want to clear your name? Then find out how Cogswell's getting his information.
George: [gasp] You mean, *spy*? Are you suggesting I spy on him, Mr. Spacely?
Mr. Spacely: Either that or you're fired.
George: [smiling nervously] Spying isn't a bad suggestion when you put it that way, sir.
Mr. Spacely: Good. [to R.U.D.I] Now you can sympathize with him, nosy. [he leaves]