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The Hills Have Eyes 2

The Hills Have Eyes 2 quotes

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View Quote [After Napoleon gets out of the portalet, screaming when he notices the hand inside.]
Napoleon: Oh ****! ****!
Amber: What?
Napoleon: There's a hand in the shitter!
Amber: What?
Napoleon: Check it out! Oh, ****in'
[Amber stumbles to the portalet and opens the door, revealing that no one is there.]
Amber: There's nobody in there.
Napoleon: Down there...!
[Amber stumbles closer to the portalet when a scientist emerges out.; Amber and Napoleon screams and closes the door.]
Amber: Who was that guy?!
Napoleon: "Shit-Man the Barbarian"! I have no idea!
View Quote [While driving through the desert, Mickey starts telling a joke to the fellow guardsmen.]
Mickey: Maybe I should thank Napoleon. If we're all officially dead like Sarge said I won't be tried for war crimes. The killing of innocent mannequins is serious shit.
[The guardsmen laugh.]
Crank: Where I come from, it's never good to be dead.
Mickey: Aw, Crank. You're takin' all the fun out of the afterlife.
Crank: Shove the afterlife up your ass.
[The guardsmen laugh again.]
Stump: That's cold, man.
[Stump looks at Missy's tattoo.]
Stump: Clyde, huh? Made the same mistake when I was a kid. [shows his other tattoo.; turns to Missy.] So is Clyde still your dude?
Missy: Uh, yeah Stump. "Clyde"s still my dude...!
[Missy gets angry.; Mickey laughs.]
Mickey: Stump, that's her son. He's like, four years old.
Stump: That is so ****ed up.
[Stump and Mickey were laughing.; Missy gets intolerant.]
Missy: One good thing about being dead, Wouldn't have to listen to all your bullshit!
[Stump mockingly coos to Missy.]
Delmar: That's all there is out here. Just a bunch of bullshit.
Napoleon: This bullshit's got a crazy past. You guys know they used to use this as a test ground for A-bombs?
Crank: "You guys know this used to be a test ground for A-bombs?" Who the **** asked you, peace-ass shit boy?
Napoleon: Oh, right. I'm sorry. I forgot I was dealing with Rambo resurrected.
Crank: You Rambo resurrect my balls, bitch!
[Mickey and Stump laugh.]
Crank: You with the pinche puta!
Napoleon: O por es que provir riota?
[Crank enraged, lunges Napoleon.]
Stump: Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Amber: Come on, Crank!
Crank: [attacking Napoleon.] What?! You wanna die young huh cabrĂ³n?!
Amber: You guys, stop!
Crank: [attacking Napoleon.] I'm getting ready kill you right now!
Stump: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Crank!
[Delmar shoves Crank and grabs him.]
Delmar: I killed somebody once. It was easy. That's why it's so dangerous.
[Delmar releases Crank.]
Crank: I don't ****ing like that guy!
Delmar: Well, I don't like being out here having to put up with you!, but I deal with it! So deal with it!
[Delmar helps Napoleon to get up]
Napoleon: Thanks.
Delmar: Don't mind Crank. He's just a cranky mother****er.