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[In Johanna’s office after Tris' and Peter's fight]
Johanna: Was I not clear that the terms of your sanctuary here included non-violence?
Four: Well I can guarantee you nothing like this will ever happen again.
Johanna: Well be that as it may, you can no longer stay here with us. Your presence, it’s just too disruptive.
Tris: The truth is that our sanctuary was never gonna last very long here anyways, was it? With you not standing up to Jeanine.
Johanna: You don’t understand us at all.
Tris: No, I do understand you. I understand that you think you can stay out of this but you can’t. One day she’s gonna show up and Jeanine is gonna take whatever power you think you have away from you.
Four: Tris, Tris. [turns to Johanna] Look, Johanna, we... we need a little more time. We need to find out where the rest of the Dauntless are, then we can leave.
Johanna: And then what? Attack Erudite? I will not be a party to violence.
Four: No one is asking you to. We just need a few more days.
Johanna: [looks at Tris] One.
Tris: "One", what?
Johanna: One more chance. See, to be Amity is to forgive; others, and yourself. You’re hurting, Tris. And my heart goes out to you. I know what it’s like to stand helpless while you lose the ones you love but killing Jeanine is not going to bring your mother back. I know you’re angry, but you’re letting it consume you.

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