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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning quotes

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Sheriff Hoyt

View Quote Chrissie: I have a question for you. It involves the family tree, the lineage, if you will. Its like a system through a table... [pauses] Do you guys **** all your cousins, or just the ones you find attractive?
Sheriff Hoyt: You blasphemous Bitch! This is redemption lady, that's what this is! Oh you're all gonna pay for your sins, that's right. And especially you!
View Quote Chrissie: What are you doing?
Eric: Shh! Keep your voice down. This is how you sneak up on 'em, how you catch 'em.
Chrissie: Catch who?
Eric: Gooks in the swamp.
Chrissie: Eric, the only thing you're gonna catch in this water is disease.
Eric: Chrissie, come on.
Chrissie: No, I'm not going in that water.
Eric: Consider it the last wish of a soldier.
Chrissie: Oh, no.
Eric: No, you've been getting last wishes this whole past week, G.I. Joe.
Chrissie: And you call yourself a patriot.
Eric: You know what I think is patriotic?
Chrissie: What?
Eric: Me driving you across state to go to Vietnam, again. You goin' all the way to Vietnam, baby?
Chrissie: No honey, base camp's far enough for me, trust me.
View Quote Sheriff Hoyt: Tommy? Tommy? We need you upstairs. Bring your lil' toy with you.
Luda Mae: What are you gonna do to him?
Sheriff Hoyt: Nothin' but a little surgery. Come on now Tommy.
[Chainsaw revs, Monty's leg is sliced off, the other leg cut in the process]
Sheriff Hoyt: Look at that, that's not neat at all. Even 'em up boy!
Luda Mae: No No!
[Cuts off other leg clean]
Luda Mae: What on earth didya do that for?
Sheriff Hoyt: You know, jus' to balance things out.
View Quote Sheriff Winston: [about Leatherface] You raised that **** right, you and me. We ain't takin' this drive right now.
Sheriff Hoyt: He ain't ****ed, he's misunderstood.
View Quote [As Eric puts a ring on Chrissie, who had her eyes close.]
Eric: Just close your eyes. Let me see your hand. You're gonna love this.
Chrissie: Can I look?
Eric: Yeah.
[Chrissie opens her eyes, looks at the ring and she is amazed.; Eric smiles]
Chrissie: Eric, you got that from a Cracker Jack box!
Eric: Wha... I... I had to eat 17 batches to find the one I wanted.
View Quote [Final lines] From 1969 to 1973, the Hewitt family murdered thirty-three people across the state of Texas. To this day, their killing spree is universally considered one of the most notorious and perversely sadistic crimes in the annals of American history: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
View Quote Come on Tommy, ain't no different than the slaughterhouse. Meat's meat, bone's bone... Get it done.
View Quote People may not remember what we say here tonight, but by God they'll remember what we did.
View Quote We're on our own tonight people... and alone, we shall rise above it all!