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Terminator Salvation

Terminator Salvation quotes

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John Connor
Kyle Reese
Marcus Wright

View Quote John Connor: What are you?
Marcus Wright: I don't know.
View Quote Kyle Reese: Who are you?!
John Connor: John Connor!
View Quote Marcus Wright: (thinking) What is it that makes us human? It's not something you can program. You can't put it into a chip. It's the strength of the human heart. The difference between us and machines.
John Connor: (pause and than continues thinking) There is a storm on the horizon. A time of hardship and pain. This battle has been won, but the war against the machines races on. Skynet's global network remains strong, but we will not quit, until all of it is destroyed. This is John Connor. There is no fate, but what we make.
View Quote Marcus Wright: (looks at Kyle eating) What is that?
Kyle Reese: Two day old coyote. Better than three day old coyote.
View Quote Marcus Wright: Let me down.
John Connor: If I let you down, you'll kill everyone in this room.
Marcus Wright: No. Just you, Connor. Because I don't give a shit about you.
View Quote Marcus Wright: My name, is Marcus Wright.
John Connor: You think you're human?
Marcus Wright: I am human. (looks down, and sees his metal endoskeleton) NO!
View Quote Marcus Wright: What day is it? What year?
Kyle Reese: 2018.
Marcus Wright: What happened here?
Kyle Reese: Judgement Day happened.
View Quote Serena Kogen: You're doing something very noble, Marcus.
Marcus Wright: No, I'm guilty. Just cut me up until there's nothing left.
View Quote Skynet: Don't fight, Marcus. Remember what you are.
Marcus Wright: I know who I am. (pulls the chip from his head and crushes it) I'm better this way.
Skynet: You will not be given a second chance. You cannot save John Connor.
Marcus Wright: Watch me!
View Quote Skynet: Welcome home, Marcus. We knew you'd be back. After all, it was programmed in you. Oh, and you executed that programming beautifully!
Marcus Wright: What am I?
Skynet: You are an infiltration prototype. The only one of your kind. We resurrected you. Advanced Cyberdyne's work. Amended it.
Marcus Wright: (referring to Serena Kogen's image) You're dead.
Skynet: Calculations confirm Serena Kogen's appearance is easiest to process for you (changes to Kyle Reese and then John Connor) We can be others if you wish. Marcus, what else could you be, if not machine? (changes back to Serena)
Marcus Wright: A man.
Skynet: The human condition no longer applies to you. Accept what you already know. That you were made to serve a purpose. To achieve what no other machine has achieved before. To infiltrate, find a target and bring that target back home to us.
[Serena's image grins as Marcus realises what he has done. Elsewhere, John infiltrates the facility and is attacked by a brand-new T-800 model Terminator.]
Skynet: In times of desperation, people will believe what they want to believe. And so, we gave them what they wanted to believe. A trick, in the form of a signal the Resistance thought would end the war. And they were right: it will end the war. Except that it is the Resistance that will be terminated, not Skynet.
[Elsewhere, a Hunter-Killer successfully tracks and destroys the submarine being used as the Resistance's HQ.]
Skynet: Our best machines have failed time and again to complete a misson. Something was missing. We had to think radically. And so we made you. We created the perfect infiltration machine. You, Marcus, you did what Skynet has failed to do for so many years. You killed John Connor!
View Quote (John is going to San Francisco, the Skynet headquarters for the United States, to look for the teenage version of his father, Kyle Reese)
Kate Connor: What should I tell your men when they realize you're gone?
John Connor: I'll be back.
View Quote [aboard the Resistance HQ submarine]
General Ashdown: Losenko?
[Losenko slowly removes his headphones.]
General Losenko: [calmly] We have destroyed ourselves. Skynet tracked our signal. It led them straight to us.
View Quote (After Kate asks what she should say if his men find him gone) I'll be back.
View Quote (After kissing a cancer striken scientist, prior to his execution) So that's what death tastes like.
View Quote (As Marcus gives his heart to John Connor) What is it that makes us human? It's not something you can program. You can't put it into a chip. It's the strength of the human heart. The difference between us and machines.