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[Reese has just been woken up from being knocked out by the Guardian]
Kyle: Hey! I need answers, all right? Right now. How'd that liquid metal thing know where to intercept me? Huh? Where'd it come from? [looks at the Guardian] And who the hell's the skin job? Wha-what the hell is going on?
Sarah: Sorry, we were a little busy with the whole "life and death" combat thing, and then you attacked Pops!
Kyle: [looks at Sarah in disbelief] You named it?
Guardian: Hello, Kyle Reese. [The Guardian turns around to face Kyle] It is nice to meet you. [gives a creepy smile]
Kyle: ...Are you kidding me?
Sarah: I've been trying to teach him to blend in. [The Guardian loses his creepy smile] I know, it needs work.
Kyle: It's a Terminator! The only reason it blends in is to kill humans.
Sarah: Pops doesn't kill anyone! [to herself] A lot of leg wounds, though.
Kyle: It looks old. I've never seen a Terminator [look] old before.
Sarah: Well, the flesh they put on the cyborgs is normal human tissue. It ages.
Guardian: My auditory circuits have not degraded, however. I'm old, not obsolete.
Sarah: [to Kyle] I think you hurt his feelings.
Kyle: It doesn't have feelings!
Sarah: He saved my life when I was nine. He's the only reason I'm alive.
Guardian: I was programmed to protect Sarah Connor. I will not stop.
Kyle: Yeah, programmed by who? Huh? Who sent him back?
Guardian: Those files have been erased.
Kyle: [sarcastically] Oh, that's convenient.
Sarah: Whoever sent him, they don't want us to know. Not me, not him, not anyone. So Skynet can't target the person who saved me.
Guardian: Logically it is someone who wants Sarah Connor to live. [The Guardian spots a piece of T-1000 alloy stuck to the rear doors. He raises a shotgun and shoots it, knocking it off the truck] Old, not obsolete. [The Guardian hands his shotgun to Sarah] The T-1000 knows where we are.
Sarah: [offers the shotgun to Kyle] Make yourself useful. [promptly jerks it back from him] And don't shoot Pops.
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